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bywicikj, February 13, 2014
I'm translating EasySocial to Polish. Well, maybe my fellow Poles will find a lot to improve in my translation, but there's something I'd like to share with you.
StackIdeas as company - Excellent support, and on top of that - they do listen what users saying. This is top-important to me as a user and co-worker.
EasySocial as a product - I'm reading a lot of strings before product arrive in public, so I see how EasySocial is evolving and developing. Next release will contain tons of improvements in UI, new functions and features which are far beyond of what we know from other social extensions for Joomla. I must admit the attention developer pays to details. You can see it everywhere: in language files and in code itself.
If you are a Joomla website developer considering community driven website to build - take EasySocial. It's blazing fast and affordable. I personally recommend this extension.
bywicikj, May 29, 2013
I've spent a lot of money looking for an appropriate extension for our site. Most of them cost a lot, others - full of bugs and having really bad support.
Finally I've found this! If you ever considered to make online exams, test (no matter is it language study or technical training) - go for Babel-U-Exams. I'm absolutely convinced that you won't regret. Reasonable price, flexibility and good support - that's actually what we (customers) need.
Thank you!