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bywickerbill, September 25, 2014
What more could you want for a Marquee? Installed easily, set position, put in my text, set the colors and font size, published it and BAM!, instant marquee. Thanks for a free, great marquee module.
bywickerbill, April 21, 2014
JUX Weather Forecast
Looking at the demo site convinced me to buy this module.It's one of the best looking weather modules I've found, simple to set up and the animations add both color and effects for the end user. There was a slight color problem on my site in the list when setting the city but Long Do gave me instructions within a couple of hours that worked wonderfully. Reasonably priced and without a doubt, at the top of all weather modules. Thanks guys for a great job
bywickerbill, March 28, 2013
Post by Email
This extension provided just what I was looking for, an easy to setup and use piece of software that did what it advertised. The developer was quick to respond on his forum and added a feature request in a single day. Money well spent. Works well with both articles and in Kunena.
bywickerbill, February 24, 2012
This is a very versatile extension for polling data or voting. Installed without problems and updated flawlessly. There are still a few little bugs to be worked out like changing a poll's category after you have created it but I'm sure things like this will be addressed. I have not yet asked for any support as none has been needed. My only problem has to do with language support on their website and I've emailed the author with these concerns. Thanks for a great extension and I hope all that can afford it will support it.
bywickerbill, August 5, 2009
For those looking to offer news on their website this is the ticket. Automate with a cronjob or use his recommended web address to do it. Both work equally well. We are using it to bring in local news on the hour and it works great. Layout on the Front page or link to a section or category. A multitude of options make your page into a news factory. If you are updating your news from feeds by hand you are working in the dark ages. Support is prompt and very helpful. An excellent component for an excellent price. Thank you!
bywickerbill, August 5, 2009
If you are trying to get your web site rankings to go up in any of the major search engines then you must buy this plugin. It is filled with all the options you could wish for and works like magic. It saves so much time and is all automatic. You can also download a blacklist of English or German blacklisted words that the search engines ignore anyway so the only keywords associated with your articles are those that count. It is also very inexpensive for the job it does. Great support too! Thanks for making my life easier.
bywickerbill, May 3, 2009
Does everything as advertised and was very easy to install. Because there are several facets to this control it's best to read the well laid out instructions that can be found on the author's site. The only trouble I had was getting it to open zoomed. Instructions say zoom factor of 1-9 but it will accept a higher (and lower) number. I put in a 15 to get to street level.

Good Work!