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bywiden76, August 5, 2013
Very easy to install and use. The layout looks nice and there are a few templates to choose from to fit the layout of your website. The component is used by linking it to a menu item and a category is chosen, SectionEx does the rest, very easy. There are many options to tailor the component to your needs and it makes it easy to set it up the way you want it.

The support team is awesome, even for a free component! I'm willing to pay for the pro-edition of the component, just for the support alone! Highly recommended!
bywiden76, January 13, 2011
XCloner-Backup and Restore
Xcloner is very easy to install and to use. The interface is clear and concise. However, I had some troubles getting Xcloner to backup a website larger than 2GB in size. It's probably something with my configuration, being IIS on Windows can be one reason for this.

However, I headed over to the Xcloner forum and posted there. A few moments later e response was given with some great advice, very nice support! We kept almost a real time conversation on the forum, with tips and suggestions for me to try.

I'm very impressed with the support, although I had to use a workaround for my problems, I would highly recommend the products to anyone, seeing how great the support can be. And that was the free support! Highly recommended!