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bywilbert, October 28, 2011
Event Booking
The people behind the component aren't fair. They told me to update a new release with a feature within 3 weeks. Now after 7 weeks they told me this feature will not be in only if I pay them some money..
So don't believe what they say!
Owner's reply

This user (he is not my customers) sent me an email sometime ago ask me to add a feature into Event Booking : Display list of registrants on event detail page. At that time, I thought it is useful, so I promised him I will implement it in future releases !

However, after spending more time to think about it, I found that this feature is NOT NECESSARY because It is AVAILABLE in the extension already but it is implemented in a different way: Customers can click on View List link which is displayed next to number of registrants to view registrants of an event.

I said sorry to Wilbert and explained the reasons I don't implement he asked into the extension. Please aslo that I didn't ask him to pay me his money to get this feature into the extension. I suggested him :
- Try to find a different extension to see whether it meets he need.
- If he wants to use my extension and want to have the feature implemented in the way he wants, we are available to customize it for him with a small fee (40$).

Wilbert refused my suggestions. He gave me this bad rating and review just because I don't implement a feature which is ONLY NEEDED BY HIMSELF. He also threatened to ask other Joomla users he knows to move away from using our products. This is an un-acceptable behavior and I believe "unfair people" which he mentioned here is himself, not us !

To all other customers: You can always suggest the features you want in our Features wishlish forum. I always listen to your suggestions, implement the features which I think is useful can can be used by other customers. That's one of the reason make my extension better from time to time. However, when you want a specific feature which only needed by yourself, not useful for my other customers, I am available to customize it for you to meet your need perfectly. But you will need to pay for our work in this case (usually small fee). That's fair for both of us !

bywilbert, February 25, 2010
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