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bywilburg, July 8, 2013
I've tried a couple of other form creation packages for Joomla, and been disappointed in all until I came across Breezing Forms. This is likely the best package out there.

With three levels of expertise covered in their user interface (Classic, Easy, and Quick modes), I started with the Quick mode and can't imagine why I would need anything more.

The flexibility to create forms of almost arbitrary complexity and features is simply awesome.

Controlling the layout of a form is a breeze (similarity is intentional), as is creation of multi-column, and multi-section forms.

PayPal buttons are adequately supported, email acknowledgement, and notification are very flexible.

For most forms, no scripting is necessary, but if you know a bit of PHP, the sky is the limit.

I was able to become well versed in the use of BF using only the Users' Manual, and the Community Forums.

However, I did buy a subscription to be able to take advantage of Crosstec's help desk. The support is excellent and the response time is quick. Though it turns out to have been a problem I should have been able to solve myself, I don't regret having bought the subscription.

These guys are very responsive and helpful.