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bywild_kick, June 10, 2009
After have tried several form solutions and more creative means (fabrik) to create forms I have found BreezyForms (Current Version) a wonderful tool for creating very customizable forms.

If you are worried about the price - don't be. It is a small fee and you can use it on as many sites as you like. For someone like me that has mulitle Joomla websites this option works great.

I think that there are several selling points to this software.
1.) It has an easy to use interface.
2.) It has free video tutorials online
3.) You can use it on multiple websites
4.) Highly customizable forms can be created
5.) Fast load times on forms - I have used others that take a long time to load the generate form. BreezyForms doesn't!
6.) It has a built-in Captcha system

I would recommend this product to any one who needs a way to create forms. Small or Large. Simple or Complex.