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bywilfn, November 8, 2011
Global Flash Galleries
I chose this extension after experimenting with 6 different Joomla image gallery extensions, both Flash and non-Flash. It has 9 different types of Galleries which can be purchased individually or as a group. I bought the Art Photo Gallery; it was the best fit for my needs. [BTW, the extension is classified as a "Flash Slideshow", but I see it more as a "Photo Flash Gallery".]

- Front-end gallery is simple, elegant, intuitive.
- Easy to install and integrate into your site.
- Works as advertised. I'm relatively new to Joomla, and I found it easy to learn and understand, despite the minimal documentation.
- You can exercise the full functionality without paying anything ... no surprises. [The free version supports a limited number of images per gallery, but once you pay, there is no image limit and no copyright label.]
- Even though it uses Flash (and I have a gallery with over 50 images), I can't complain about the performance, even though I use preload.

There is limited configuration flexibility. Here are some of the things I WISH the extension had:
- ability to have 2 rows of thumbnails
- support for proportional thumbnails (i.e. not just cropped thumbnails)
- more control over the quality of (resized) thumbnail and preview images.
- more control over caption location
- rich text capability for captions

Having said that, I'm happy with the extension and won't hesitate to use it again in the future. [Note: You can use the extension on an unlimited number of pre-specified domains, but each domain needs a key. After 12 months, a renewal payment is required if you want to use the extension for any NEW domains.)