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bywilliam_the_artist, October 5, 2010
I alwasys liked RWCards, but I knew it was simple and not feature rich. It did what it said it does, and very well at that. But add it to K2 and a few tweaks and you are looking at a very nice ecard layout.

Great Jobs Weberr!
bywilliam_the_artist, November 26, 2009
My only complaint is - I want more! LOL It is the missing link in Joomla! It does what it says and reaches new heights! Hence, that is why it is called K2!

As for documents??? That is like asking for a manual on how to walk! Hello, it is intuitive and also, sheeze already - test it yourself people! Back when it came out - I plugged it in and started playing with it on my personal demo site. Developers spend thousands upon thousands of man hours delivering us great work like k2 for free and some people have the nerve to complain cause they have to put a few hours into it figuring it out! Well, I got this to say to them - Get a life! In the meantime I am loving this product!

As for the developers - Great JOB! Woo Woo - always outstanding work from you guys!
bywilliam_the_artist, October 30, 2009
It crashed my server. First of - actually love the module with it's option of 10 different images at once and love that it has lots of images to choose from included...but once I turned it on - it gave me a 500 server error.

While I commend the developer for the effort...I would hope he finds the problem and corrects it.

Thanks and good luck,
bywilliam_the_artist, October 21, 2008
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This, without a doubt, is the missing link to turning Joomla into a rich, thriving community site. Plus, the developer Rocks!!!

This isn't a product you want for your site then have to settle with what's there (usually why to simple or looks like a bad haircut)...this is a product that is there and then some - with a skilled developer that gives 110%!!!
bywilliam_the_artist, October 9, 2008
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Better Preview
Simply put - this makes life sweeter in Joomla world. Thanks for the extension...
Owner's reply

Yeah, it's just a small plugin, but saves a lot of time. Especially when you are using SEF urls. It was pretty hard finding the right url for articles and stuff. That's history now!

bywilliam_the_artist, September 14, 2007
Akeeba Backup
I create Charity Malls for charities - I have to build each mall one at a time...thanks to this component I can now build one Master Copy and duplicate it for each charity. What would take me days to create one mall now takes me what seems like a blink of an eye.

I thank you and I know the charities that have been backlogged waiting for me to build their Charity Mall thank you too.

The ease of using this from novice (just pay attention and read manual) to experienced is wonderful, and now that I see the developers are putting together a support site for this component - I know that it will only get better. I recommend this to anyone who has a Joomla based site for back ups, transferring and anyone who needs to distribute, as in my case (which I do for free for charities), a customized Joomla package.