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bywilliamconifer, January 23, 2013
Filter and Search for K2
K2 Filter and Search fulfills K2's potential to organize and display large directories. Andrey has provided great support and helped me a lot.
bywilliamconifer, September 5, 2012
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Social Share Buttons
I have used the Social Share Button module 1.1 on a J 1.5 site that uses K2 for content now for over a year. My client started complaining of slow page loads, after a while I started to look at this module to see if it was causing the problem and was surprised after some testing. I tested page load speed using Chromes developer tools time line and found the following:

With the module on:
page load average was 5.55 seconds after 8 tests. Server load average was 2.9 avg. during these tests

With the module off:
page load average was 3.36 seconds after 8 tests.
Server load average was 2.8 avg. during the tests.
This is a 40% improvement which is a 2.19 second speed improvement per page.

I had the following services on in the module: FB like, Twitter, G+1, LinkedIn, FB Send. During the tests I did not notice any significant lag with these social media platform APIs. I have used the module when the the FB and Google APIs were lagging and the page loads were taking forever (like 10s of seconds) and I noticed that sometime the page content would not fully load while the apis were lagging. I had the Module set to a module position in the upper part of my page layout, above the content. I am concerned that the module is disrupting content loading when the social platform APIs lag and in general slow down the page loads.

I appreciate the developers work and hope that newer versions fix this problem. For me I have uninstalled this module and will evaluate newer versions at a later date when I have time.

I hope this info helps.