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bywilliwild, September 30, 2014
I was unaware that these attacks were happening. When I checked my daughter's site, she had admin accounts that no one could explain. After installing Brute Force Stop, I have seen and blocked 4 attacks in about 2 weeks. The IP is blacklisted now automatically and I suspect the problem is solved. Of course a tight user name and password help tremendously, but Brute force stop bats clean-up. Great Job. This extension should be in the Joomla Core.
bywilliwild, August 16, 2012
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Carousel Banner
Keeps it's promises. Easy to set up and deploy. I do wish that there was a delay setting and a way to remove the "next" arrows when the module is clearly set to auto scroll.
I am using it to display a ticker message. Very versatile.
Thank you. Well done.
bywilliwild, November 17, 2011
I was looking for a vertical image slider and I found this from a forum post. I do not recall seeing it in the extensions library.

But what a great extension. Very easy to handle and very easy on the eyes.
Thank you.
bywilliwild, November 16, 2011
Google Site Verification
Either it is broken. I am an idiot. Google changed how they do business.

All are possible but the end result is a waste of time. No documentation is a big hurt on any component. Especially when there is a problem.
Owner's reply

Go to

Add site
From 'Alternate methods check' 'Add a meta tag to your site's home page'. You will see string like this

Put 'GcEtFHfjF3bqOIVM_zb7knpvdNWKn875BSqgkfUJI3s' to your Google Site Verification plugin

Hope this will help

bywilliwild, October 13, 2011
Easy Frontend SEO
For original idea and actual functionality, I give this 5 stars. I would like to know why the display is off. If anyone has any ideas... It displays to the left and on top when I am logged in. Not like in the video.
Otherwise, great plugin. I now have control without going nuts trying to make changes.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review.

If you have any problems, then use the support forum on my site!

bywilliwild, July 1, 2011
Core Design Captcha
Though it looks promising, after installing the first plugin and discovering the need for a second, things were OK. Then, the first plugin would not recognize that the second was now installed and enabled. I'm sure the solution is a simple one that the designer will give us (here) but this does no one any good when we are trying to set this up. And I am certain that the average Joomla user will be lost. Give this extension some time before jumping in unless you have the time and patience to deal with surprises.
bywilliwild, March 31, 2010
After reading some of the reviewers who have had problems, I would offer some advice...set up any new component "as is out of the box" before messing around with the parameters. Too often we envision what a component "should do" for us rather than what it is designed to do. Get it working first and then slowly make changes if necessary.
This component is an example of the excellent work done by hundreds of hard working people from every nation. And it shines as an example of how to get things done. Great work!
bywilliwild, November 13, 2009
Ozio Gallery
I saw a demo of this a while ago. I have not seen anything even close since.
Very easy to install and once you get past the upload of photos (actually very easy once you read the short tutorial).
What EYE CANDY! this thing is.

Thank you OZIO.
bywilliwild, October 25, 2009
BIGSHOT Google Analytics
I almost doubted myself. I was literally wondering to myself if ANYTHING I have done so far could possibly be this easy. Nice.
Download, install, C&P code from Google, Have a cup o'joe.
Thanks Bigshot.
This is an excellent extension. It installs and does it's job in the simplest and easiest task I have yet seen in Joomla. Then, copy the link in preferences to Google etc.I hope to see more user friendly documentation in the future.
bywilliwild, October 12, 2009
Please don't be offended, but the reputation that was JCE Editor may be now suffering from over extending and trying way too hard. Sometimes a major scale back is needed to get back to basics. This is a great editor. It's very capable but some of the issues are better suited for the experienced user. We newbies just have sites to build and maintain. The issues can stop this show cold. Think simple.