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bywillx, July 22, 2013
Shipping by Rules for VirtueMart
Just look at the documentation and give it a try, this is the most advanced shipping rules system for Virtuemart 2.

Since its first release many features have been added supporting the really complicated different shippings all around the world.

The plugin keeps getting updated and fixed when needed and is still the best option out there, a must for a VM2 store.
bywillx, July 22, 2013
RuposTel One Page Checkout for VirtueMart
This component is a must for a Virtuemart 2 store.

Is well known that at VM there are awesome programmers and terrible templaters.

The default checkout is non intuitive for customers, full of redirections, buttons and windows that can easily confuse users.

Stan with this component solved all those issues and creates a real one page checkout which looks outstanding.

The fixes are constant, updates keep improving the system and adding options.

There are more than 4 different styles to choose from and now even responsive.

The developer is really friendly, professional an always improving the system so the money for it is really well worth it.
JLV Twitter Sidebar
Thanks to the developers for creating this little module which looks and works really well.

Actually at the moment of the review is the only updated module that works at the sidebar with the new twitter API. Just create your widget ID at twitter and paste the number inside the module.

It even works perfectly for multilingual shops changing the language automatically so thanks for that.

Only missing the option to choose how many tweets to show.
bywillx, October 14, 2011
Skype Status Pro
Module does exactly what it says.

The design is really nice and it works.
Had a problem after the installation which was cause by my own settings in Joomla and got the solution by mail in a few hours.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your nice review,willx.We are happy that you like our extensions. All the best!

bywillx, August 4, 2011
VM Invoices
Since we bought the component it has been updated like 5 times in 4 months with new features, update is as easy as clicking a button from the admin in Joomla.
Jan really works hard on this component and now is a really professional invoice system. I'll say the best, and I have tried a few before this one. The support on the forum although is not super fast is more than decent and you will always get an answer. Lately our little requests have been implemented in a matter of days and the layout of the Invoice is really good.
bywillx, March 24, 2011
Virtuemart Bonus products
The component works great and it's price is more than fair for what it offers. Does exactly what it says.

His developer really cares for customers and helped me even with conflicts that were more realated to my template than his component, great service and great component.
bywillx, March 22, 2011
Sales Analytics
Works great, you have multiple options to get reports from different aspects of VM, its layout is proffesional aswell as the translation and It won't mess your code like other solutions.

The only thing I miss is an option to extract reports of users by user groups.
Owner's reply

Hi willx, in our latest release v1.4 we have included the "Shopper Groups" report area. Thank you for your feedback.

bywillx, March 15, 2011
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Quite decent e-commerce solution for Joomla.
The only real "free" solution together with VM.

Would be great if they added an option to add Tax on the price displayed.

Shares the good and bad thing of VM, too similar to this one.

Note: Your demo site is not doing any favour to this component, looks much better on a nicer template with a bit more of work.
bywillx, February 18, 2011
Newsscroller Self DHTML
The best one I've tried.
You can add news in 1 minute writing them directly on the module.
On the other hand the lack of adding articles by choosing Category or Section is a problem as you can't save articles, publish or unpublish them.
With this option the module would be perfect.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your suggestion.

bywillx, February 18, 2011
Simple Picture Slideshow
First of all, this plugin works, and works quite well.

Although the author has done a good effort in documentation, the explanations are not clear or simple at all.

I'm still trying to figure out how to add custom titles and descriptions per images, and I have read everything.
Each item is explained but you dont have clear examples using all the code, and this will make people mad trying to figure out how to achieve this.

Although the plugin is excelent it would be great to have different styles for thumbnails and a different way of showing the slideshow.
bywillx, February 18, 2011
From the moment you decide to download this component make sure you have plenty of time to configure it and customize it to your needs.
I had an issue with shipping costs that had to be solved by a programmer aside of the project, sadly this is the case for many others.

I find really ironic how people claim their forum is alive... in a sense is true. Is alive for the 2000 bugs and questions only solved by users, you will be lucky if you get an answer from any of their team.

The best thing about this component is that it's free, and thats the only reason why ill give and excellent score. If you try its modern competitors you will realise how much the spirit of open and free license has fallen to the ground and how some try to make profit from a source that was made free to help people build websites.
bywillx, April 23, 2010
Does what it says, a simple plugin that will avoid you from doing a lot of work.
If you have any problem the support is excelent.
bywillx, April 12, 2010
Component works well does what it says and is really easy to configure.
Nothing bad there.

The component adds a link to the developer page in each single page of your website... this is fair enough for a free component.
You can pay to remove that.

Here comes the big surprise, when I saw that I actually had to pay so that other components such as jevents or phocagallery are turned SEF.

Is even better when you have to pay each 6 months a quantity for 3rd party applications to stay SEF, a quantity btw higher that the cost of a website hostage for 1 year.

And all this for joomla a GNU program.

Is obvious that this component learned something from its competitor in joomla, and you should draw the line between commercial purpose and dignity. Same for this website supporting named "free extesions".

You should earn money for your work, you have many ways to do that with publicity donations etc, but having to pay each 6 months for every single application you support is not worth it.
Owner's reply


please, let me give at least short explanation.
Please understand, that supporting more than 100 3rd party components to make SEF URLs for them is not too big fun. Especially in case when the code of these components is developing all the time so you need to update the extensions from time to time. It takes a LOT of time and also resources. That is why we ask payment for some of the extensions and why the free updates are available for a limited period of time only.

In case you do not upgrade the other components, you can stay with the current version and do not need to upgrade or pay anything extra.

Additionally, our philosophy is that we charge mostly for components, that are meant to serve for commercial purposes or are commercial themselves, such as e-bussines, paid directories, real estate sales, etc. For free components, we try to keep free extensions also.