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bywilsonpro, May 15, 2014
It was a bit of a learing curve but the support I received from Tony was excellent. And now jEvents works nicely on our church website for room and event bookings.

A very professional system - I can't speak highly enough about jEvents.
bywilsonpro, November 4, 2013
SP Transfer
SP Transfer very easy to use and when I needed some technical support, Panayiotis came through BIG TIME. I highly recommend SP Transfer. Thank you Panayiotis.
bywilsonpro, November 4, 2013
SP Upgrade
Not only is SP Upgrade very simple and efficient but when I needed some technical support, Panayiotis came to my rescue. All in all I highly recommend SP Upgrade.
bywilsonpro, October 8, 2013
Cache Cleaner
I have been using Cache Cleaner 3.3.0FREE for a week while upgrading a 3.15 site (and also previous versions on a 1.5 site over several years).

It's so simple and quick - just one click of the "Clean Cache" button each time I make an edit in the back end. I have saved lots of time and frustration by NOT having to go through the System / Clear Cache menu and then check the Cache Group and click the Delete button - dozens of times each work session!

I thing 3.3.0FREE should be included the Joomla core.

Nice one Peter - and many thanks.
bywilsonpro, October 8, 2013
DB Replacer
I have been using DB Replacer to correct and update data in several different fields of the database after migrating a big old 1.5 church site to 3.15.

As I backed up the database each time before using it, I felt very confident and after a good amount of use it has been successful.

I had an issue that it only works with the default Isis Admin template (not the Hathor one) and Peter the developer could not have been more helpful with this and another issue. Mind you, by the time I got his personal support I had purchased the Pro version, which was what I planned to do anyway (as it is even better) and for such a serious task as editing inside the database it was well worth the money.

Not only have I saved lots of time but I have also increased the new website quality by a good margin.

Well done Peter and thanks.