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bywingman011, October 2, 2008
JCK Editor
I think JoomlaFCK is definitely an upgrade from the stock joomla editor. You guys really put some thought into building this plugin, hats off to you guys. There are a few things that I think could improve, but this does not take from how good this plugin is.
Things I love:
- being able to link to a file
- having formmated code
- having Jlink :)
- relative paths works great
- right click on tables brings up great menu's (only works in IE7 and not FF3 in my experience)
- different skins are fun
- and many more things are great about this plugin.

Things to improve:
- When I do a Jlink, it would be real nice to see a list of articles in the format I see them on the admin side of joomla (title, author, section, category).
- Be able to remove some buttons that confuse users (the picture button for "input" looks just like the other picture button)
- When I click upload tab for images and files it automatically uploads to the root folder (very fustrating).
- files should not be in images folder ex. images/files/doc1.pdf . I should be able to specify a folder.
- after installing JoomlaFCK I no longer am able to use my default media editor.
Owner's reply

Hi wingman011, thank you for your review & in depth analyst. We are committed to improving and always pay careful attention to our user’s commentary.
The Good News: is that we are soon to release a component that will offer much of the flexibility requested and version 2.6.3 supports ability to change the location path of documents/ images/& Media files via the plug-in so I hope this comes as a welcomed relief to your frustration.(Please see: d:0}