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Constant Contact Signup Majix
Thanks for the extension, it's nice to have a non-commercial constant contact list available. Only issue I see is for people that have more than one mailing list (for example, one mailing for people interested in product news vs. industry news)under the same constant contact account. Using this module the new email will always go to the default mailing list that's selected in the account and there's no way to configure it to go to a different list.
Owner's reply

This is a bare-bones module that simply allows someone to enter their email address to subscribe to a Constant Contact list or lists. The use of their API would be needed to accomplish what you are requesting. That said, you can control what lists your potential subscriber sees from within the Constant Contact account settings.

DT Register
We are a travel organization company, and the price for an trip changes depending on options the registrants chooses. DT Register allows you to add custom fields, so a user can select for example, the premium package at 5 star hotels and the trip would costs more than if they selected to stay in a 3 star motel.

However, regardless of the options the user chooses, the price of the trip displayed to the user does not change and always displays the baseline price. The new price is only reflected AFTER the use hits "next" and the confirmation page is shown. This is less than ideal because then users have no idea how the selection of these options changes the price of their trip, and many of our users are surprised by the increase in price and frustrated that they had to go through the process before the new price is shown.

I think DT Register can enable the price displayed to change interactively based on user selection by using Silverlight/AJAX, not sure why this is not done because it seems like something that makes a lot of sense and fairly straightforward to implement.

Still, overall a solid product and constantly improviing.
Owner's reply

Hello and thanks for the review. I wanted to point out that the 2.7 series of DT Register added a feature where the event price above the form changes dynamically through the registration process as any field selections are made that modify the price. Also, the confirmation page can now display a full breakdown of all included fees and discounts. Thanks!