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bywinner100, August 14, 2011
this extension rules and is much better to implement and run than for ex googlemaps plugin which is really hard to configure

well done man :)
bywinner100, April 27, 2010
it lacks one important thing to me namely import quotes from txt file directly into the database instead of manual data entry.
bywinner100, December 3, 2009
Smart Flash Header
in the 1.1.6 version of Smart Flash Header i 've found some bugs:

1) in module (admin panel) when you mark "UTF Support" option from normal to improved, letters are cutted just a little bit from below in the slideshow (description position)

2) and the letters don't look so smooth like before

In the component part of Smart Flash Header i couldn't find option for the link title which will be shown to the visitor when they hover their mouse over the images, this option would be very helpful anyway this extension rules!