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bywinni520, August 31, 2009
Joom Donation
It is a very simple donation extension. I can't define display order of custom fields on donation form. If you want to collect information such as donor address line 2( apt, building, floor etc), salutation, job title, matching company, in honor/memory of, all these custom fields go to one section, "Additional Information" under "Donor Information". The donation form looks very unprofessional. I have tested some transactions in Paypal sandbox. The donation extension has missed some transaction records of recurring payments. There is no pagination of donation history for a donor (Jomsocial Plugin). No option of "permission to publish" for donor. It automatically publishes donor name in donor rolls.

As a paid customer, I have sent the programmer emails and post requests on his forum for over a week. He never response. Zero support. Very unprofessional.
Owner's reply

First of all , I am sorry for lately response to your email . I had an accident , so I were in hospital last week . I just come back to my offfice and start working again this morning .
Regarding your comments about our extension :
1 . For the custom fields , in the current version , all of custom fields are placed under one place like you said . I will develop a field type called 'Seperator' so that you group custom fields into groups . You can also changde ordering of custom fields in the next version .
2 . For the layout of form , It is just simple layout . However, If you want to change layout , you can simply modify the css file or html code of the form . The extension follows MVC coding standard, the code is very clean so It is very easy to modify it to what you want (I don't see anyone complain about layout of the extension before :( ).
3 . For recurring payment , the extension doesn't create a new donation record . It only update the about of donation record for easy maintenace .

Anyway, I come back to my office now . Please contact me via email for support .

Ossolution Team