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bywiracocha, October 7, 2013
SP Upgrade
Without this update component, I would never have been able to migrate my sites to 2.5

One or two connection issues between different hosting companies where the old and new websites were situated, but each time I needed help my request was swiftly dealt with by Panayiotis.

A lot of work has gone in to this component which has made updating my websites relatively simple, and easily worth the modest cost.
bywiracocha, October 6, 2013
RAXO All-mode PRO
When I look for a module or component for a website I look at the features, ease of use and impact to my customer.

Inevitably the best products have a cost associated but sometimes you buy a commercial module and find the support does not match the hype.

I have been using Joomla extensions for 4 years and have found the support team at Raxo are in my opinion one of the best.

Their forum details almost every issue you may encounter and if not, posting a question is a simple and frustration free process - with the solution generally offered within an hour or two.

This is my first review, I am very grateful to the team at Raxo and will continue to use your products - thank you!