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bywisebwoy, October 12, 2014
My Sites
It seems ok at first but then there are a few bugs in there that seem to have been left there on purpose, among which: you can't order the projects, they are displayed "oldest 1st"... which kind of makes the whole system worthless, who wants to display his latest work at the bottom of the page? I've been unable to locate suppord doc or forums, and the name of the extension "my sites" makes it very hard to isolate relevant search engines output.
bywisebwoy, September 28, 2014
Fantastic, V3 is not yet ready but most bugs are fixed in the forum. Definitely the best Feed component out there. Waiting for the full V3. (I still don't understand how to extract youtube urls though). BIG UP!! to the OpenSource coders, they are the real modern age heroes.
bywisebwoy, April 6, 2014
Unfortunately I can't give a 5 because I didn't test all. I use it only as Skype button. It doesn't give the online status but these usually bring jquery conflicts with virtuemart, so this simple module is just what I need.
bywisebwoy, October 27, 2007
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JV-LinkExchanger (jvlinx)
As good as it says, support rocks (and they answer fast to all questions, dummies or advanced), excellent value for money, the best tool I've had so far to make an online automated directory with link exchange capability.
Easy to setup