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bywitti99, May 29, 2011
Smart Flash Header
A software is only as good as its support. I need to praise the support that necessarily Projoom. The current version for Joomla 1.6 had to involve a problem in the NoFlashMessage HTML code. Although it was weekend, I was helped very quickly. Within 24 hours I had an email with a new version. Mistakes can happen. The only question is how fast the errors are resolved. Here Projoom has provided a real super power. The email contact is very friendly and it was apologized for the trouble.
The smart flash header itself is also a great software. The price is justified. ProJoom Keep it up.
bywitti99, June 25, 2010
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RSSeo! Suite
Actually rsseo a good component. The first error is eliminated good and the software runs stably. However, one must be careful in licensing methods. An unlimited license with 6 months warranty Download not like you are thinking. After 6 months, although blocked the download, but unfortunately also RSJoomla blocks the activation of new domains. So I really can not use the license on. So I pay the high price and after 6 months, I have the unlimited domain license, nothing more. RSJoomla however, said that this is so specified in the conditions. A domain license does not make sense and I fell for it. Too bad, because now I will look for another software. Many other vendors offer a fair license, I have to get used me now.
bywitti99, June 25, 2010
RSform Pro
Actually RSform a good component. Unfortunately, the design has solved a little strange. I Personalize my source code itself is, unfortunately, a change in the form field's own layout is not adjusted. Well, is that many things are customizable.
In the design would be nice if RSJoomla would comply with current designs, and simplify design with CSS and components would.