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Tag Transform
That is amazing !
I must say, when I bought the extension (which is not expensive by the way), I had already a good impression of the quality.

Still, when I applied the Tag Transform Module to my site, I noticed some little caveats. Not bugs as such, but functionalities which would be perfect for most projects, but which would not behave like I expected for my situation (different parent-tags, each having many child-tags).

Given the fact I had paid for 6-month support, I thought "well, I'll share my remarks and suggestions in the forum. Not only for my case, but because they would also make the extension more valuable for other users".

And guess what ? They implemented all my suggestions in a couple of days and released a new version.

So, to sum it up
- the module was already very good from the start (but still not corresponding exactly to my needs)
- and after several exchanges with the guys of JoomUnited, they implemented 6 new feature/options in the extension

So not only is now the extension above the rest, but I can say the guys are very open and professional !

With other words, they definitely deserve a ***** + * :-)
bywoluweb, May 24, 2013
ARRA User Migrate
I am developing a site with Joomla 3.1.
I was hesitating a bit before buying the extension (the site of the developper often refers to 1.7, 2.5 in the descriptions or menu. And some links are broken as well for example).
Still I did buy the extension and I am *very* happy of the service.
Indeed for some reason the extension would not show up in my backend (blank page). I just sent a email to ARRA and a few hours later my problem was solved and the extension is up and running :-)
Very professional and very kind.
And now I can start playing with the extension & import my hundreds of users...