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bywombat1, May 6, 2012
Audio for ZOO
If you run a Joomla site and you use audio players, the lack of support for Flash in many devices and the recent improvements for playback of audio and video files within HTML5 has been a welcome change. However, if you use ZOO, the standard ZOO audio player will not accept more than one song per player.
In addition, if you have an album page with over a dozen songs, pages take an extremely long time to load, and while the player looks OK when there is only one, any more then 3 or 4 looks ungainly.

So i was relieved to see Audio for Zoo. Not only does it allow playlists, it places them all into a nice looking player. It also accepts Amazon S3 as a file source whereas most players are limited to local files in your joomla folders. Thos are important savings on server costs if you manage large amounts of audio files and players.

This is all well and good, but to be fair i have only written this review due to the service that was proferred by Zoolanders. I was attended to on every ocassion immediately. The support was not only helpful but responded to a petition concerning the possiblity of utilising external URLs as audio file sources by adding the feature almost immediately. 5 stars.
bywombat1, May 28, 2010
Tried almost all download components available for Joomla and ended up choosing jDownloads for the feature set.

Out of the box, the component, modules and plugins are most likely more than enough for most users. For my uses i actually require less options and the ability to customise the layout and design heavily.

I was able to do everything i wanted with ease except for a very specific need that most people will not have. So here i am, this is the first time i have written a review, and i was moved to sign up here and do so by the most excellent support that Arno provided me with.

Being a complex matter to communicate it took some time to figure out the problem and how to solve it, but Arno was there every step of the way, providing the type of support that other component purveyors do not.

The problem was solved and i would advise those in search of a download component to save yourselves some time and heartache, try jDownloads first.