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bywonderland, March 27, 2014
B2J Contact
I needed a somewhat complicated form for my site so the basic contact form module I always use wasn't enough this time.

I'm very glad I found this component, it is very good, and easy to understand and most importantly highly customizable, developer has provided a very simple solution for overriding form style.

Developer said that this component is very light and it really is for a component this size.

I only wish that there was a easy way to change image inside submit button.

But this component is great nevertheless. Probably the best component for constructing your own forms!
bywonderland, February 18, 2014
Skype Status AJAX refresh
I relly love this module! I had my skype statuss in my website after just few minutes. Really easy setup. Instructions on configuring skype were also very handy.

I really liked that you can add your own images for skype statuss.
bywonderland, May 13, 2013
Additional Categories for K2
I must say that this is a much needed function for K2.

I'm very grateful for this extension, since it really helped me solve some problems!

Extension itself is great, it does exactly what it says. Installation is super easy and no core files are hacked just great.

Not only extension was great but also documentation. Everything was explained very well and developer also has included suggestions for some common problems that might occur, which is amazing, since not a lot of people think about these things.

It seems that this extension is even better than some paid alternatives. I will definitely be donating soon!
bywonderland, May 8, 2013
BNR Content for K2
This module extends K2 functionality, allowing much more complex solutions.

Developer is also great. Responds quickly and is very helpful!
bywonderland, March 7, 2013
Does exactly what promises.

It displays K2 category name as well which is great.

Thank you!
bywonderland, March 7, 2013
TCVN Carousel Slideshow
I was looking for a interesting scroller which can use k2 items for quite some time when I found this.

There was a small bug at the begining, but developer responded and fixed it so fast, I could hardly believe.

It's a great slider which is easy to set up and start to use right away.

Only thing that I miss in this extension is some K2 ordering options like "ordering", "ordering reverse" and some others.
bywonderland, November 22, 2012
SP Quick Contact
Indeed, if you need a simple form that you can setup in few moments this one is the right choice!

Only thing that I don't like, but it's no big deal, is that I have to enter "notice sendmail success" and "notice sendmail failed" each time I install this module.

If these were taken from language file by default, but option to edit them was still present, this module, in my opinion would be even greater.
bywonderland, September 7, 2012
Great extension, does exactly what it says. I was surpised to find out that this isn't possible in Joomla core.

I'm glad I found this extension and didn't waste hours looking for other solution.

Would be even better if there wasn't menu item in component, which doesn't do nothing, besides take up space, but that's just my opinion.
bywonderland, August 27, 2012
BS Myjspace
I liked this extension very much!

I was so happy that after long search I found extension that had all the options I need, all except one.

It would be so cool If user could see just his pages using module.

It would also be great if I could use Joomla access levels instead of just 3 pre-defined.
Owner's reply

Thank for the review! You can use the Joomla ACL for the global configuration for all pages & user and you can use the 3 extra options for a specific page.

For extra usages (see the page using module, extra nneds … ) and questions I invite you to post using my forum for the component.

bywonderland, July 27, 2012
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Authentication Twitter
This extension is great, it does exactly what the description says.

it could be great If there was a way to disable success message though.