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bywonderwoman, June 27, 2008
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So much potential - an excellent, slick looking extension. Just doesn't seem suitable if you, your clients or potential clients use a mac.
Owner's reply

This was developed and thoroughly tested on a mac. We're an all mac operation ourselves.

bywonderwoman, December 18, 2006
absolutely killed my performance on my site. Had a few quirky things it did with URL's - never could sort them out.
Wouldn't recommend for a content heavy site.
Owner's reply

When using JoomSEF for content heavy site a special care need to be taken about its configuration as otherwise it can really become a problem. If you are not sure about how to configure, contact authors.

But at least 2 things to remember: Joomla! caching does a lot + switch off SEF for dynamic non-supported elements that generate too many links such as calendars and similar.