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bywoonydanny, September 9, 2013
This a very simple to use but great shopping cart extension for Joomla. Over the years i have used Virtuemart 1, Virtuemart 2, Redshop, Hikashop and Mijoshop, but each had their downsides, either too buggy, too hard to understand, too hard to manage, not that well integrated with Joomla etc.

Eshop on the other hand, is finally a cart that looks good 'out of the box' is easy to setup and create products and easy to manage. It is still in its infancy, but Giang provides good support and is open to feature requests and suggestions to make it better.

This suits my cart requirements but for others it may not.

Highly recommend it to the majority of Joomla users!!!
bywoonydanny, February 8, 2012
I have worked with all shopping cart extensions for joomla and have been really impressed with HikaShop. The extension works out of the box which cannot be said for alot of the other shopping carts. If you need to customize it, Hikashop makes it really easy to do language overrides in the configuration and for other small customizations or tips there is excellent support on the forum. But you will be pleasantly surprised how flexible and feature packed the extension already is.

I wholeheartedly recommend this extension!
bywoonydanny, September 19, 2011
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ARTIO Booking
This is a promising extension but quite a few issues:
- the support forum is not very active and so don't expect responses.
- Unfortunately this extension isn't 100% stable yet so support is still
- no changelog for new versions
- no notification of new versions
- you pay for the commercial version but you still get very limited support

Overall, very frustrating to use this extension purely because the developer has not got good support and this is needed to help iron out the little issues remaining in the extension. However the overall concept of the extension is good and if the developer keeps developing and provides better support good be superb.
Owner's reply

I have to disagree slighly.
We try to answer the questions in forums as fast as we can.
As regards new version notifications, there is a version checker integrated and it shows what is your current and latest available version directly at Control Panel.
As regards the Changelog, we will work on that. I believe there is one, but maybe not publicly available.

bywoonydanny, March 12, 2009
RSform Pro
Ive tested alot of form components (both paid and free) and this one is the easiest to setup forms. Has some ajax to speed things up and also is super easy for a non-techie.

good value and good support.
bywoonydanny, November 12, 2008
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Event Registration Pro
Well i bought the RegistrationPro component a week or so ago and i am disappointed with it.For $119 i would have thought i was getting a slick looking product and interface, but instead it was clunky looking and I have found it to be limited in functionality. And for things i think should be working out of the box (radio buttons, checkboxes, section breaks in forms) they wanted to charge me more money to fix them. I couldnt even create a form that worked. I believe that the information they have on their website is misleading and so you can understand the frustration of spending all this money to find that in my opinion it is far from the description.