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bywootlebug, December 14, 2010
Art Universal Lightbox
Extensions rarely do exactly what they claim but this one does. One of the best things about Universal Artbox is the choice of effects. I didn't particularly want any flashy transitionals and this one suited me perfectly. But if you do, you have a choice of three.

Sure, I had problem installing but that was down to me and the author came back within minutes with the answer I needed to get the product up and running. Maybe I just got lucky but when I did find a real bug, an updated version arrived within 24 hours.

I tried a few competitor lightboxes didn't getvery far and got no help from their forums. If, like me you are new(ish) to Joomla, this is a great addition to your inventory
bywootlebug, December 14, 2010
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In response to the favourable reviews I tried downloading and installing the current version and the new RC version.

The RC version wouldn't install at all saying it was missing some javascript files. The previous version required me to enable the 'legacy' module before it would work which should tell you all you need to know about that version. It also kept telling me something like "template.css" not found, using "template.css" instead.

Overlooking the mess that the error messages made of the layout, the product worked fine, but it's not a particularly pleasant experience.