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word warrior

byword warrior, January 2, 2013
I've used Remository for many years and upgraded to the latest version after migrating my site to Joomla v2.5.8 I did a test download and when done Remository posts a google ad in the middle of the page. Sorry, I don't mind adverts but that is a bit too much "In your face" and intrusive.
Owner's reply

Pity not to understand the situation *before* writing a review! The user is free to configure what is shown during download. See replies to other reviewers, or the Remository forum. But the fact that many users retain the sample adverts supports the project and is a factor in Remository remaining free!

byword warrior, December 27, 2012
SP Upgrade
Compared to my previous attempts with another well documented component SP Upgrade came up trumps with no real issues. Okay, some of my modules and templates didn't transfer over but I knew that because they were not 2.5 items. However I don't think that's an issue as I can install the latest (2.5) versions and rebuild that. I was more concerned with getting all my articles and members database transferred, hey presto! Job done. Forget the one with zero support, spend the cash on this and you won't look back. I'm told the component support is very good but I didn't need to ask them, neither should you if you read the user guide and many tutorials out there.
One thing, the images file doesn't (didn't) transfer. but it's a simple matter of copying the contents over in cPanel.
Just going through the process of re positioning my modules to fit the new template I have and pointing the menu items to my new top menu then it should be ready to launch.
byword warrior, July 11, 2009
I like this component. I like it a lot! Unfortunately, there is no scope ( unless I've missed it somewhere) for bonus league points as are awarded in Rugby Union. Okay you can allocate 4 for a win, 2 for a draw but Rugby requires 1 bonus point for either scoring 4 or more tries, or losing by a margin of 7 points or fewer. If this can be included in the component I will definitely use it.
Keep up the good work.
Owner's reply

word warrior,

Bonus points will be included in the next version. likes:

- home team won
- home team draw
- home team lost
- away team won
- away team draw
- away team lost

Thank your for you rate!! we appreciate it !

BearDev Team

byword warrior, July 31, 2007
Community Builder
Excellent component, infinite number of configurable fields. So now I have the database and some test users registered. So How do I get in the region of 800 members from Excel via CSV to the database?

CB Juice doesn't work for me for some reason.

My fields are identical to the ones in the Excel file (I made sure of that) but juice keeps showing errors.
Come on CB incorporate an easy upload data feature and I will be able to say CB is Excellent in every way.