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byworldwide, January 13, 2014
SWFobject module
...great Module ..... but the Alternative content area does not work ...

its fast and flexible .. but with lack of documentation .. even though you do not really need that ..but how to place a picture alternatively is a wonder ;-)

thanx and support would be great if there would be any
byworldwide, August 12, 2013
Responsive Photo Gallery
Very nice and works well ... would be great if Ed could react on some questions i have send him.

Besides of this ... just download, install and it works right out of the box ;-)

byworldwide, June 14, 2013
ARI Flip Book
a great plugin/module ... very flexible and great to work with...
the service ist the best .. really awesome !!!

Thanx again to those guys .. the made my day !!
byworldwide, March 5, 2012
Easy Language
I have had some trouble setting it up, but i did get good support.
Now that im using it, this is great great great ...

You only need to use 1 content/article with all the languages which you want to use, and thats all !!
No more changing from i language to another true a component .. no just put it all into one article ...

thanx !!!
byworldwide, February 22, 2012
Easy Embed Video
Even at if theres no direct info at his homepage, it works like a charm with J2.5

THNAX a lot !!
byworldwide, February 6, 2012
Im very happy with this !!

Ok, i had to read this time the installation infos on his homepage .. but that was clear and usefull.
That it is based on Joomfish makes all very easy to handle.

GREAT GREAT GREAT !!! Thanx a lot for your contribution and effort !!
byworldwide, September 30, 2011
Everthing very cool and nice implemented.

Support is great, and for IE8 users ;-) call Billy ;-)

The only thing is really that the build in Captcha is not really working well with templates made with Artisteer.

Otheer than that .. easy install .. evreything FREE ;-) so really an excellent tool !!

thanx !!
byworldwide, July 19, 2011
I took the big subscription.

The tool ... flawless installation ...
Sample-Forms as well as help videos .. great !!

After finding out the power of this tool .. i got into the trouble of gettin and having more options ... their was and still is the support GREAT !!!!

I got everything done .. with and without the support .. and must say one of the BEST tools around here !!

Thanx a lot for this !!
byworldwide, February 23, 2009
I installed it ... it worked "out of the box"

Only pitty no support for joom!fish, but hee ... i found for my goal a workaround, this even works better as i thought !!!

Support/Email, really great and friendly.

With other words, guys keep up the good work !!!!