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bywr975, August 13, 2012
My web-host is great, but their mailing list software sucks (sending commands via email?!). So I'm very glad this extension for Joomla exists. It turns a Joomla installation in a full featured mailing list server. There are tons of options and the interface makes it very easy to configure and maintain. Update cycle isn't the fastest, but I'm not looking for tons of new features anyway. Reliability is important. If the next Joomla version should make Mailster incompatible, I'm certain an updated version will be available in no time. I've been using Mailster Pro for like 8 months and it sent about 600 emails to mailing lists (5 up to 40 recipients). Maintenance effort on my part? Negligible. E-Mail Support is good, no complaints here. The Pro version is bit pricey, but it's well worth the money.
bywr975, August 13, 2012
Unite Nivo Slider PRO
Well, this extension finally did it. I registered just to be able to rate and write a comment. If you liked "Nivo Slider Free", you'll love this one. It's not the "Free" version with a couple new features, it seems like a rewrite with a very easy to use drag and drop interface. There are plenty of arrows and bullets to choose from. The layout options (deactivate any unneeded element, move them anywhere you want) make every slider unique. And that's without editing any CSS file (I've no idea about).

I had a small problem getting my slide centered in a certain module position and I was one of the unlucky ones who had the "white flash between transitions" problem (related to webhost, not the extension). Support/knowledge base helped quickly. Highly recommended!