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bywsdtech, October 16, 2006
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XCloner-Backup and Restore
As the Technology Coordinator for a School District, making a move to Joomla! is risky. When I needed to move from a local production environment using WAMP to our live server running IIS, I expected some hurdles and at least a couple-day project. I found JoomlaCloner and invested the very little amount of money that this product costs, and found 10 times the value in return. The process only took us about a half day to configure IIS for Joomla and PHPMyAdmin (also priceless), and we were ready to use JoomlaCloner.

When we hit our first stumbling block, I submitted a support ticket and within 3 minutes received an answer that WORKED. Then, we immediately ran into another issue, submitted a follow-up ticket, and almost as quickly received another working solution. We are now up and running, and cloned the site another 4 times (successfully) to accommodate 5 separate Joomla installs, one for our 'District' and four others for four 'School' sites.

All in a days work. Buy this product now!