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Joomlaworks has to be one of the worst in the community for support. I own both their frontpage slideshow and their simple image gallery pro and I use K2. That being said I have had problems with all three over the past few years and their support has been absolutely terrible. If any forum post get answered they don't get answered well or in a timely fashion. This isn't good for live sites, that develop errors with new versions. K2 has some good features, but for the most part it is re-inventing the joomla content wheel. The front end editing leaves quite a bit to be desired, and they didn't put a k2 prefix on all their css styles so sometimes it will conflict with templating as well. Really Joomlaworks is the place to stay away from as even paid support is terrible.
Owner's reply

This review is very bad in many terms.

First off, it starts by saying JoomlaWorks is bad on their support forum (?) giving the assumption to other users that both the paid extensions and K2 are on the same forum, which is completely false. K2 is on a separate domain and forum for the record. If you wish to critisize other extensions, you can do so elsewhere. It's like leaving a review on Virtuemart and saying AllVideos is to blame (?)...

Secondly, this statement is pretty low "Joomlaworks has to be one of the worst in the community for support". You do not reference a single link where the support was bad. So you basically accuse JW without at least providing any pointers.

Thirdly, where is the constructive criticism? "K2 re-invents the joomla content wheel"? I'm devastated by that, really...

Fourth, this is a review from a user called "WTF brb". I rest my case.

I thought the JED allowed constructive criticism and not reviews that just say "this is bad, you're horrible" and that's it. Is it bad? Explain why. If haven't spent enough time with K2 or any other extension, devote more, then provide a review.

bywtfbrb, May 11, 2010
Anyone who doesn't want to look like an amateur pos should not ever use this extension. It is filled with bugs, it is never up to date and internet explorer hates it. After over a year of messing with it I finally pulled the plug. I tried seber cart with less than stellar results, and now I have moved on to magento. Magento is not joomla based, but definitely some professional software (albeit much harder to setup for the developer).
bywtfbrb, November 18, 2009
I have been developing applications for a long time, and I have always re-used my code as much as possible, but this is too easy! After the initial learning curve I found I could import a database and have a search form within minutes. This allows for time to add features and value (like their geocoding plugin). All from within joomla...a miracle.
bywtfbrb, June 29, 2009
Akeeba Backup
This is one of the best components I have ever used. It can create a backup in a parent directory that has everything to clone/restore the site. I have a lot of extensions I use on almost all my sites, so now I just have a generic site that I update to replicate any time I make a new site. Also it allows for upgrade, without uninstall a key feature for all good components. Just perfect!
bywtfbrb, November 19, 2008
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mavik Thumbnails
So very easy, I even have my end users creating their own lightbox images! I have always had to have my users upload their images then tell me and I would encode them. This you just upload and insert image, then size the thumbnail. Major time saver.

My own wish is to stop it from interfering with the Google Maps plugin.