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bywwwEliterate, August 15, 2013
ARRA Facebook Login
Not cross-browser compatible. I read some unresolved browser issues in their forum. I checked myself and found it worked fine in Explorer 9, Firefox 23.0, Opera 12.15, Safari 5.1.7 - but did not work in Chrome 28.0.1500.95 m

Not working in Chrome is a deal breaker for me. I can't use it. Those who posted positive reviews: have you checked how it works in other major browsers? Very Important!!

I didn't bother posting in their forum since there were already unresolved browser- uncompatibility posts.
Flexi Contact
Love it, easy to configures and works great!!
bywwwEliterate, March 4, 2013
Art Universal Lightbox
Not only is the extension incredible, but the support is out of this world. I downloaded the version for an old 1.5 site and they even went above and beyond to help me get it working properly even though many developers won't even support joomla 1.5 paid extensions....let alone a free one!! They even looked into my joomla admin to help and ended up emailing me the modified extension!!! I can't say enough about the support. I'll definitely use this in my 2.5 and 3.0 sites as well as look into other extensions they provide.

bywwwEliterate, June 26, 2011
Can't really rate this except to say that it caused my site to go offline with errors. I guess I'm not allowed to post the error message here but I did see that's it's a common problem in their forum. Apparently it's incompatible with something on my site. Too bad, I would have like to use it. Linkbacks is not something that would prevent me from not using an extension, they are too easy to remove. Some of you really should take some online HTML, CSS, and PHP courses, many of them are free and you'd never have to complain about linkbacks...just remove them!
bywwwEliterate, September 15, 2010
Community Builder
I thought I was having issues getting it working till I gave up and tried the other free ones. Didn't take long to realize this one wasn't difficult at all. It's simply excellent, I love it. So much in fact that I decided to become a Doc subscriber and support it. Forums are amazingly informative and supported. I had a css problem that had everything to do with my limited knowledge and my template. Krileon went above and beyond to help me resolve it. Amazing product, amazing support, what more can you ask for?
bywwwEliterate, April 27, 2010
ProJoom Multi Rotator
It's nice, but only has 1 transition, loads very slow when used several times on the same page, only supports certain size banners (you have to pay again if you need to use it for a different banner size), I've been waiting several days for my support request, and it doesn't support .gif banners. Had I known all this in advance I would have used a free rotator. Very disappointed!!
bywwwEliterate, March 8, 2010
Simple Image Holder
Works great and the customer sevice is amazing. I contacted Omar with a problem that had nothing to do with this module and all to do with my joomla inexperience. He replied to my message within a few hours(on the weekend) and told me how to fix it. I have never experienced this level of customer service.... and for a free product!!! Simply amazing.