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bywynnjg, September 1, 2011
DT Register
Pros: If you have advanced requirements for setting up your events such as payment options, late fees, discounts, etc, DTRegister probably does everything you could want.

Cons: DTRegister uses its own permissions structure and from what I've read will not be adopting the new permissions framework in J1.6+. Not a deal-breaker, but it would be nice.

Also, a small annoyance in that once you create your event, the event title and the start and end dates/times cannot be changed. If you have an event that gets rained-out or otherwise rescheduled, you have to create a new event, transfer the registrations over to it, and then delete the old event.

Support: The few times I've had to submit a ticket, response has been prompt and issues adequately solved.

Ease of use: There are so many options that if you are a newer user it may be daunting. However, everything is clearly explained, and though it may take a bit of time for you to set up your first event from scratch, nothing about it is difficult.

Purpose: I manage a Community Tennis Association and use DTRegister to offer online registrations for local tournaments and other events.

Experience with Joomla: I've built CMS based websites for 8 years and have used Joomla since its inception.

Final thoughts: Don't let software with lesser functionality cause you to make un-necessary trade-offs in how you run your events, just go with this one. It's worth it.
Owner's reply

Thank you for detailed review! However, I do need to address a couple items that are NOT correct:

- DT Register DOES tie in with the new 1.6/1.7 user group structure. It does have its own permissions structure that gives you MORE control than you get with Joomla by itself. This is not a con but a pro! And any customizations you make to the user group structure can be synced up with DT Register's permissions.

- To say that you can not change the title/date of an event is also completely false. I'm really surprised you didn't just ask us about this one :) In DT Register, you have the OPTION to sync your events with the JEvents calendar. If you do not and run everything directly in DT Reg (preferred), then the event details are clearly able to be change at anytime. If you choose to sync with JEvents, the title and date are pulled from JEvents so you have to change them there. But we have a plugin that then pulls the changes from JEvents and applies them to that synced event in DT Register.

So the only two negative items mentioned in this review are actually misunderstandings of the user. Thanks.

bywynnjg, September 1, 2011
AcyMailing Starter
I run a website for my local tennis association of 400+ members and AcyMailing serves the needs of communicating to our organization perfectly. I tested one or two others and was not satisfied until finding this extension.

I will definitely be using AcyMailing again for any sites I build that require an easy to manage mailing list component.
bywynnjg, September 1, 2011
I have been building Joomla sites for many years, and many of my sites have required twitter functionality. As such I have scoured the extensions directory for the best of the best, and MultiTwitter is my new favorite. Easily the top solution for advanced queries, and also stands up well against other simpler extensions for just displaying single user feeds.

The only thing I noticed is missing that other twitter modules I've used do, is having hashtags show up as links in the feed. If that functionality was added I would have everything I can think of wanting in one extension.
Owner's reply

You'll notice that our most recent release supports hash tag links. Thanks for the suggestion!