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byx3po, December 15, 2013
I installed this component and all add-ons but it keeps creating compatibility problems with other components (sh404SEF, xmap etc.) and it is waste of time! I wanted to get support from their forum but they even disabled to register at their support forum. They redirect you to payment/subscription page if you want to register at support forum, you can't even register with a free member account. They also disabled forum threads' visibility to guests, so a guest can't read other users' questions or support team's answers! I thought joomla component creators should show respect to open source but they don't. Waste of money, waste of time!
Owner's reply

Hello x3po,

Did you post on forum?

I recently accumulated some late work due to a terrible event that prevented me from working during almost a month. Which can explain why support has not been as fast as usual.

That being said, we encourage you to report the difficulties or compatibility problems you encounter using YooRecipe and third components.

Keeping up with improvements of thid party extensions is a tough work. I recognize not having enough time to test all sh404SEF or xmap new versions.

Your contribution on forum would really help us promoting the open source spirit we defend. Our source code is not encrypted.

As for forum limitations, we already contacted Jpayplans editors to ask them a more fine-grained access control between subscriptions and forum to satisfy our users expectations.

It is always time to use YooRecipe! ;)

Sylvain, YooRecipe founder.

byx3po, August 22, 2013
WDS Twitter Fan Page
I have checked other twitter extensions but they don't seem to be working because of twitter's latest security update. But this module is working great! It displays a list of your twitter fans, also people can follow you if they click "follow" button at the bottom of module box. you can also display your twitter friends instead of fans if you change it in module settings. Great customer support! Thanks Robert and Rakesh for their help!