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byxamire, October 31, 2014
Thanks so much for making this plugin, and also making it free for use! It works wonderfully, and allows admins to access and change things as needed on our community systems. Thanks again!
byxamire, January 26, 2014
TCVN Auto Login
Extension doesn't work with jomsocial, it gives users "invalid token" after the first registration page.
byxamire, January 2, 2014
Linky Map
This is a very easy to use, high quality map extension, that works wonders!

The fact that it's so cheap is ridiculous when considering the other map extensions, not to mention how the developers have gone out of their way to help me with my own template and script issues. Thumbs up! Thanks so much for making this, and dealing with my issues, I appreciate it!
byxamire, August 10, 2012
Might be a good commenting system for other things, but it states it integrates with sobipro, yet there is no plugin, or anything to click on in the integration area. You'll find no documentation on it, and there is nothing in the forum about it.
Owner's reply


Thanks for letting us know of such errors! We have fixed our release yesterday (We were having some packaging issues with the component) but the latest release, which is released on 10/08/2012 will work with SobiPro :)

You can upgrade by accessing our downloads area.

Thanks once again!

byxamire, July 18, 2012
Knu JSAlerts
With a little css tweaking this little bar is the best thing for Jomsocial. I have removed the jomsocial bar, and have this, and a split menu for navigation. Makes everything look very, very clean - while still giving all community links.

Only thing that needs to be done, is the logout button is set to logout of the overall Joomla system, instead of Jomsocial. Honestly though, logout is not necessary on my sites as they auto logout a person after X amount of time anyway, and just adds another button for clutter.
byxamire, March 9, 2012
Qlue Tabs
These are the best free tab module (for articles only) that I've used. It has zero problems in 2.5, and looks wonderful. A tiny bit of change in the css file, and you have exactly what you want. Looks great, runs fast.
byxamire, October 17, 2011
Welcome Message
This plugin works for 1.7, and it will send an email to the new registered user, showing their login information. You can also have it send a custom welcome message, to both their email, and message inbox at the same time.

Great extension, just wanted to say thanks!
byxamire, September 7, 2011
Excellent product, works great! I only wish for a 1.7 version now. And to ozzzz: You do not enable global (joomla config) nor do you enable the core joomla cache plugin when this is working. It has it's own system, but it uses the module cache timers (the ones you set for each individual module like when you're using Joomla's core cache)
byxamire, June 29, 2011
Joes Word Cloud
This cloud works perfectly, and looks fantastic! Thanks for giving free products that work right out of the box - makes others want to be more giving. =)
byxamire, June 26, 2011
Admin Forever
Excellent extensions, high recommended to anyone that needs to keep their admin open. I use this on every site.