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byxception, September 15, 2008
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Coming along nicely and works as it should, shows great potential for expansion however unlike SoulReaver i do not use CB and dont want to see another component filled with CB options ;)

overall it has a little way to go yet but its very complete at the moment.
byxception, May 6, 2008
Phoca Gallery
i do love this gallery it works as advertised and the option to simply upload a folder within the main folder and it will automatically create categories for said folders, however a downside to this is there is ( not that ive found ) no way to set global permissions upon these new categories so when i create them im stuck with running an SQL query to get them all set to public viewable in one swift move

other than that this extension is growing in new ways with each release and only gets better each time.
byxception, February 6, 2007
This is perhaps one of the most beautiful components to ever look at, the design is simply perfect everything is at hand. Install was a breeze and the entire look of the component oozes class, i hear this is no where near finished but i couldnt give it anymore props truely wonderful hats off to the devs behind this.