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byxcoon, October 17, 2012
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I bought the commercial version 2.5.

Installation without problems. The big Plus: You can add TorTags to nearly any other component. This rocks!

And best of all: VERY quick support. Some questions were answered within few hours and some changes we needed were done within some days for little money.

I am very content with TorTags itself but also with the developers.

Thanx a lot!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your great review!
We appreciate each our client! And always ready to help. Happy Tagging!

byxcoon, October 17, 2012
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My ShortList
I installed the module 2x:
-Mod1 on top (only Add/remove-Button)
-Mod2 in a centered module position with list view and "remove all"-Button

I added a link from CB-Profils to Mod2 + some changes in CSS .... and now all users have their own favorites list.

Anything works fine - so I rate it an excellent extension.

Thanx a lot!
byxcoon, July 3, 2012
- It works right out of the box.
- It integrates with so many outher extensions.
- The user forum is perfect.
- The development continues since some years now.
- It is for free.

Really: What a nice component!
(ABut: don't forget to donate !)
byxcoon, May 9, 2012
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SEO Glossary
We have used another glossary on different sites since some years (~500 terms each). Since this glossary isn't for J2.5 we tried SEOglossary.

Install and config of SEOglossary: No problems.

Some minor layout problems were fixed via ticket support in just some hours.

Absolute Pro: Excellent and fast HTML-Display in tooltips.

We use SEOglossary since some days now and we already love it.
byxcoon, August 19, 2010
GMapFP : Google Map
Downloaded, installed .... and it worked.

And the best : users are able to pubish new locations.

Many thanx to France for this fantastic component.

(And don't forget to donate !)
byxcoon, January 23, 2009
We have tried and there is just a big WOW !

Anything necessary to run a community. Anything looks nice and professional.

But: You need ioncube, because the code is encrypted. And who will know, if a company will still exist tomorrow ? And then you can't upgrade etc. because you can't modify the code.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review. The software is actually not encoded, it's just one file that controls some of the global variables (globals.simgallery.php), which in turn controls the license. Many users have actually modified the software successfully to suit their needs.

Also, the full sourcecode will be released if I ever decide to stop selling software, although that is very unlikely for a long, long time.