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byxdakotax, October 1, 2010
For the price tag you would expect a finished product. Although support is active on the forums every update they release breaks areas which were functioning. This makes development very difficult. I decided to leave this review after a customer outlined that Redshop wasn't working well with W3C standards. The main developer came back with the following comment: "The W3C compliance is completely pointless". I wish I hadn't bothered with this shopping cart system for Joomla due so many issues with the software itself.
Owner's reply

The comment was that the W3C standards doesnt mean much when a browser like IE in multiple versions doesnt support it and there are so many users using it.

To be specific IE7 handling of JS is not very good compared to other browsers and often when utilizing advanced JS features etc. you need to cut some corners in terms of standards to make sure your have browser compliance.

And by the end of the day whats important is that the users users can see and utilize the features and not so much if its W3C compliant.

After all its the webshop customers that buys products in our users webshops - not the W3C standard.

And to be honest - a user centric point of view should be the basis of any business.

So you are absolutely right - we prioritize that our extension works in most browsers over W3C standards - as any serious business should.

Remember there is no downside or penalties by not beeing W3C compliant - it is mearly a "badge" you can put on your site but it has no real life consquenses - unlike if your website doesnt work in a browser like IE7 and you loose 20% of your business in your webshop.