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byxxxterpxxx, August 15, 2012
Multi Purpose Fly Popup
This is a perfect popup module that does everything I wanted it to do; can popup HTML, YouTube videos, pictures, etc, etc, etc.

Installed without a hitch and had a functioning popup customized 100% how I wanted it in a matter of minutes.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your time for feedback with us.

byxxxterpxxx, November 23, 2009
Simply put: wow.

This is one component where the old adage no longer hold: you actually get more than you pay for!

While I paid $30 or $40 for Jomcomment, I have supplanted the commercial comment system for this open source soluton that works flawlessly.

I would argue that 1.) It's more powerful 2.) Easier to customize and style the template 3.) Cleaner close 4.) Integrates with K2 5.) Free :)

I feel like an idiot not having used it earlier, but with my "subscription" running out on that other component, I took a look at a bunch of alternatives and JComment leads the pack...hands down.

My website is listed in the Joomla showcase, so if you want to see it in action styled quite differently than the demo, take a look. I won't spam the JED with a link. ;)
byxxxterpxxx, November 1, 2008
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After a cursory glance at the reviews here, it appears everyone who has tried Fabrik (and I mean really tried to use it, not just install it, play with it for 10 minutes, and come here to write a poor review) has given this extension the highest rating possible...and for good reason.

I tried EVERY other form engine (Fabrik is much more than a simple form engine, btw) out there...but all stopped short of doing what need to do: Users save data in the db via. vorms, and users have the ability to query these data/filter these data in a nice frontend table display. There was one extension that sort of came close (LQM? Some Query manager extension, but you really, REALLY need to know your SQL for that one).

The beauty of Fabrik is that this is all possible without knowing a single SQL command. In fact, I can know create frontend forms for users to enter the data, validate those data, created a new menu item to show the table, allow users to query this table, filter it based on a certain element/field, etc, about 15 minutes.

Is there a learning curve? Absolutely. But you do not need to learn SQL; you merely have to learn how to set the plethora of settings that this powerful component offers.

And to say that the 'support is terrible' is an insult to the developers; please take a look at the forums. Whether you support the project or not, the guys over at Fabrik respond to EVERYONE and at breakneck speed. They must dedicate more than 12-15 hours a day to its development and it shows.

If you want to implement some forms and db tables into a data-driven site, there is no substitute for Fabrik.
byxxxterpxxx, April 6, 2008
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Page Peel Banner
I was happy to see this module migrated over to work with native J1.5.x; however, I was not happy to see 137 WC3 validation errors produced for the page on which the page peel was placed. I realize that there are some errors that are hard to deal with using all the JS, but I've seen entire CMS using a *brazillion* more js and code validate better than this beast.

The novelty wore off, so I think I'll unpublish it for now...nice eye candy until you get an eye full of validation errors.

It has, however, come a long way in J1.5 and was a breeze to setup and "out-of-the-box," so that is probably most important to some.