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This is a really good plugin - it creates Menu Items automatically based on Category Articles and this is exactly what i wanted.

There are a couple of issues

1) When a new menu is created for an article and it is viewed, the article has a dashed line at the top showing (either the article category or the menu item name, not sure which) - If I then access the menu and resave it, this goes away. I used to have this same issue with a popup plugin I had and it was corrected by adding an &itemid=435 to the Link field.

2) I need to be able to generate two sets of submenus for all the articles in the same category - One linked to Top Menu and One linked to Main Menu. I repeated the menu#x entry in the plugin and amended them acccordingly, but it seems to only create the submenus in the last of the entries as it reads down them, so menu#1 did not have the submenus created but menu#2 did. I assume its because they both relate to the same input category.

There doesn't seem to be any proactive ways to contact the developer to help to address the issues, which means we can't clarify and address these concerns.

Besides that, it you are happy with it out of the box, its definitely one for your site.
byy021ahe, September 8, 2013
I have been looking for an extension like this for a long time, and I am pleased to say that when I happened upon this one, it has lived up to my hopes.

It is simple to configure, works out of the box and does exactly what it says on the tin.

I use the extension to move reviews (articles) from a current to historic category, when a finish publishing date is reached, so that they can be viewed on another page. That said, I am aware that they can be archived or deleted as well, but I dont need this.

I have been trying to find an extension as good as this, but the only ones I could find either didn't work, or came at a cost.

Try it - I recommend it and you wont look back.

I did contact the support team once and got a response back in a day (even at the weekend) - that doesn't happen too often.

Well done mediahof.
Moving Text
This plugin is good and works well.

There is one feature request that would make it excellent - The current situation is that the text has to completely move off to the left before it comes in from the right - that leaves a big space with nothing happening, until all the text has gone off left - then it comes back in from the right.

A massive improvement would be for the text to come back in from the right as soon as the text has started to leave from the left - making it truly more cyclic.

Make this happen and it will be a fantastic rolling product for anyone to use.
facebook wall and social integration
I have spent alot of time reviewing Extensions that give me a view (on my website) of the Facebook page that my group use, so everyone can see all the posts and comments without having to go to Facebook. The problem I have always found is the formatting of the posts is always poor.

This Extension completely rewrites the book on that ascertion - It provides excellent options to changing the colours, format, size and options that are required.
Additionally, when you buy the extension, you get excellent support from the Mridul (developer) as well - He is keen to work with you when you identify improvements or changes and provides prompt and skilled updates as necessary.

I have proposed improvements for future releases to enable the website to be able to create new posts directly to facebook, which he has promised to look at for future releases.

I love working with someone who understands my requirements and has the vision to improve the offerings and quality of their product.

This is an Excellent extension and so simple to administer and set - Don't wait, get this extension right now!

If you want to see it in action, check it out on the formulagrasstrack dot com website
Wall Factory
The review facility will not let you submit a comment without a rating - so sorry for that... but...

I am on Joomla 2.5 and i just can't suss a way to install this component. There is no Package for 2.5, only 1.5 - the 2.5 just has a load of files but no install log or doc to advise how to install it, or if to copy the files somewhere - to where.
Basically its a tease - I agree with the other reviews - there are no docs, FAQ's or install instructions for 2.5.. I would be happy to change the review after I had had a chance to look at the component but without paying to ask for help.. there is nothing we can do. Frustrated as on paper it looks good.. Oh well !
Owner's reply

JED requested to have both versions in the zip files (since we had this product for 1.5 too). This is why the zip was called "unzip_me_first". This is no longer an issue since we archived the Joomla 1.5 version and do no longer support it. Since you never used the extension I see no reason to rate it in any way...

Write Control for Kunena
I have used this extension in line with the Kunena discuss plugin to add a "witty caption" element to my site which records the details posted to the discuss plugin in the forum, but prevents users editing it once it has been posted (I have found it difficult to find a discussion or comment product thats as good - but thats for another review for a different product) - Anyway. Viktor's plugin (WCK) works very well, is easy to use and configure and does exactly what it says it will.

I do still feel it is necessary to build a version for Kunena 2.0.1 as the features in the product don't give me what this plugin does in terms of control.

I am therefore disappointed that this will not be created for 2.0.1 and hope Viktor's mind can be changed.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review!

I have released Write Control for Kunena 2 for Kunena version 2.x.

Have success with the plugin.

This is a really great plugin - we have a bike racing website and Tracks is very good for this.
My only issue is that we could do with new versions coming out a little more frequently - interactions with the Eventlist Component would be great and there are definately new features that would make this even better, as there are some minor bugs in the extension.

Overall great
byy021ahe, July 11, 2012
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This is a fantastic product and I recommend everyone to use this - its the best one I have found.

A couple of feature requests for a future release maybe
1) Display the directory where the files are located in the front end
2) Email someone when a file is uploaded/deleted.
3) pop link to show file from the listing, without having to download it to view it.

Please dont think I am complaining, I'm just thinking of further ways to make this simple to install / confirgure product even better.
byy021ahe, June 13, 2012
Simple File Upload
This is a great Plugin - It does what it says on the tin. It is simple to configure and setup and makes it very easy to add to a module location.
I tried other "simple" file upload extensions, but this is by far the best I have used.
JM Contact
I really liked this module extension - on paper it gave me everything that I wanted - and included an attachment feature which the core component doesn't.

So I set it up, got it on my contact page, but you can't type in any of the fields - its like you have a picture of the boxes.. not the actual input boxes.

No matter I think - I'll just log in to the forum and ask for help. I tried to register, but the forum states (paraphrased) " you are not allowed to register".

pro - looks great
con - can't enter in the fields and forum wont let you in.
Overall not the best I'd say!