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Perfect Facebook Like Box Sidebar
Great module for displaying Facebook content. Excellent customer support. I am very pleased with the module & will use it on other sites.
byyaani, July 19, 2013
A really great extension. I use it to display several news feeds in a small module. Thetabs feature is a great space saver!
Smart Slider 2
I invested in the lifetime license of this extension to be able to install it on unlimited websites. I am very pleased with my purchase. I needed a solution that displayed images and also a video in the slides.

I had a problem with the configuration of the slides (user error on my part). I contacted Roland for technical support. He promptly responded with a fix and instructions on use on the weekend no less!

Very pleased with my investment in this extension. It helps me provide a demanding client with exactly what they want!
byyaani, July 15, 2012
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I installed this extension so a client could maintain the photo gallery on the website via their Facebook albums, it works like a charm.

I also used the NoNumber Modules Anywhere extension to insert an album into an article. I was having a problem configuring the JCE Editor to use the Insert Module button to insert a module (containing a facebook album) in articles. It was not a JFBAlbum issue but a JCE Editor problem however the developer was very gracious and helped me configure JCE Editor to properly use the Insert Module button. Excellent technical support even when the issue was not with the extension. Well worth the money spent.

I am so glad I do not have to explain to clients about image resizing & optimizing for photo albums on the website. They already know how to upload albums to facebook!
byyaani, June 7, 2012
JSN PowerAdmin
Well this extension is being added to my short list of extensions that must be installed on ALL my Joomla sites. Makes administration backend a joy to navigate. The Ajax search brings up results as you type to help you quickly find any module, article, plugin, etc.. & be able to edit it with just one click! Don't delay - Try it today and you will be hooked!
Sliding images gallery
Just what I was looking for. Works great! I had an issue with module settings, I posted on the forums & a fix was released within a couple of hours. Fantastic tech support. I donated in support of this developer. Definitely recommend this extension!
byyaani, November 27, 2011
This is one of the short list of extensions that I install on all my Joomla sites!
byyaani, May 30, 2011
DM Maps for K2
Great plugin extension to add maps as an extra field in K2 items. Plenty of options (pop-up directions, pop-up street view, zoom, road, satellite, hybrid, terrain, whether or not to show map in category list view, custom bubble (with html, able to adjust size of map). Easy to install. Excellent tech support through forum. The extension did not have a feature I needed & the developer immediately added it & released a new version. Well worth the very minimal cost. I give it five stars!
byyaani, May 24, 2011
All I needed was a simple module for people to subscribe to a Mail Chimp list. This fit the bill perfectly & was easy to install very quickley. Thank You!
byyaani, April 14, 2011
Youtube Gallery
Looks great on my customer's websites. It is very easy to customize the colours to give the gallery a "custom built" look to match your site. Not sure why some other people here choose to post customer support questions & issues in a review section. What logo are they talking about getting in the way of the description? I have no logo on my videos. Great extension, I recommend it!
byyaani, February 12, 2011
This is one of the few extensions I install in ALL my Joomla sites. It is very useful to be able to move, rename, upload, download, change file permissions, delete, edit, view & perform all other file manager tasks without having to leave the Joomla admin. Great extension, highly recommended for all sites.
byyaani, December 1, 2010
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AwoCoupon Starter
The free version of this coupon extension greatly improves the coupon capabilities in Virtuemart and adds many options to include/exclude individual products/customers. Easy to use & highly configurable. Definitely recommend this extension!
Admin Tools
After using it I quickly realized Admin Tools is one of those extensions on the short list of extensions to be installed on all my clients Joomla sites no matter what application the site is for.

It is a huge time saver to upgrade your Joomla site with one click, when you have Akeeba Backup installed it makes backup then upgrade as easy as pie.

Other tools like database repair and optimization from within the Joomla Admin & fixing file permissions with one click are awesome!

The Pro version has some security tools that are well worth the money, a small price to pay for the added protection ans peace of mind they provide.
Akeeba Backup
This is the very first extension I always install on every Joomla site I build. I bought the pro version. I haven't used any of the features that come with the Pro version yet but I felt it was well worth the money just to support this project that makes my work so much easier!
byyaani, April 1, 2010
This extension greatly increases the usefulness of the K2 extra fields feature.

I used it for the Google Map plugin but I can see this plugin has some features that really extend the use of extra fields.

I had a syntax error in naming the extra field (didn't read instructions properly) that was very quickly addressed by Gobezu when I contacted him for support through the Contact form on his website.

Save yourself some time & read the syntax instructions for naming the k2 extra field that is in the first few lines of the plugin's Usage instructions.

Need K2 extra fields with fancy features? This plugin can probably handle what you need!

I just love this plugin.

Thank You Gobezu!
byyaani, October 24, 2009
Cache Cleaner
Well, this is going to be added to my list of Must Have extensions! I have already installed it on two sites & am about to install it on all the others. It works great! You are able to clear your cache with 1 click without leaving the article edit screen. AWESOME!!!!! I like it so much I donated too :D
Easy Paypal
This is definitely a quick and easy way to install a simple shopping cart if you don't need the advanced features of a full eCommerce site. I was able to create several Add to Cart buttons on one page for different items and a View Cart button also.

It allowed me to use the sellers PayPal profile for sales tax for purchases originating in the sellers home state, rather than the plugin's choice of either a flat tax for all items or none. It also allowed me to either assign a shipping amount for each item or use the sellers PayPal profile to use a table to determine shipping amount based on total of purchase.

I encountered a problem because I had misused the parameter syntax. I emailed the developer & got an immediate response & a quick fix by Bing. The tech support for this extension is next to none!

The developer website might benefit from allowing users to post questions in the forum so others can benefit from the fix but the response to tech support emails sent from the website more than makes up for this.
byyaani, August 31, 2007
Tabs & Sliders [for articles]
Really easy to install, configure & add to content items. I used it in a FAQ page. I had separate Tabs for the different model FAQs & put the FAQs for each model on the appropriate Tab. The FAQs were inserted as Slides in the Tabs. A very good way to organize content on a single page without having to scroll through long pages of text.
An excellent extension, thanks so much!
byyaani, August 31, 2007
Simple Image Gallery
Really nice gallery! Easy to install, easy to add galleries to content items. I liked it so much I went & bought Simple Image Gallery Pro. Well worth the money for the added features. Thanks!