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byyamada, September 7, 2014
JRealtime Analytics
JRealtime analytics was well worth the money as i couldnt find anything that could satisfy my wish for the joomla site statistic. If you dont wanna use anything like Google analytics, then this is a good alternative. Been using it for a month now and it shows all the visitor or member information i need. It creates a great report with PDF export. I also use its smart events tracking to track my links. The developer is very helpful in explaining things. Great job.
byyamada, December 29, 2013
Whatever you do with your site,or whatever you add to it,if you cannot get it into a sitemap then you miss something. For a few years i used another well known sitemap (free) but that is getting obsolete in many ways. So i gave jsitemap a try. I must say, never regret it and happy like a little kid. This stuff is amazing smart, easy settings and my question on a exclude question was given in 25 minutes. I wish more programmers would value their clients, even its for a component of a few $$. What i think is great, is the many stuff added,so it shows kunena, easysocial, easyblog so this is something i can realy use. With this i went from a sitemap with 45 links to 266. So yeah im happy.
byyamada, April 3, 2013
Super Booking
How disapointed can you get ? Well i was, after installing this superbooking module which seemd nice on the demo site. But when i installed it ,it didnt came close to what the demo showed. Fields with dirty background color, text field you couldnt type in cause they seem to have a conflict with world famous Jquery. Some of my fiels showed horizontal next to eachother, while the demo showed vertical etc. Not a great start. Cost me a few hours figuring out what was causing it all. The major issue was the looks. One thing is for sure, i wouldnt recommend this cause chances are that you run into the same problems, maybe it will work for you on a simple basic new installed site. I dont mind giving commercial development a chance,my reviews has proven that. But throwing away money for something that doesnt work or look as its shown, and without some courtesy giving a refund.
Owner's reply

Your issue was caused by you loading multiple copies of the jQuery Library on your site.
Loading multiple copies of jQueryUI on your site.
Super Booking does conditional loading ( it does not load jQuery if another extension has already loaded it )
As I pointed out to you, you did not even look at the settings of other extensions you used, all you did was threaten a poor review and PayPal dispute and be rude.
If you still want help, you know where to get it, but you have to co operate.

byyamada, January 12, 2013
Smart Portfolio
True and fair, the smartportfolio shows it like i wanted, and liked the the views you can create for just over 8 euro. However, i am a bit disapointed in the fact your not warned about the fact that its a payment with 5 days download option. After that you cannot download it anymore.

As it says in email: Download until 5 days after the first download.

When i wrote them a email, no reply. When i wrote email about config question, no reply.

Therefor, an average cause i do believe you should communicate it towards buyers that its only valid 5 days...
Owner's reply

In our site already support center you not created any ticket regarding it , just checked you just drop Single Email and not ask for it second time no worry its okay we will send fresh files via Email and for 5 times we already providing support and Extension till 6 Months time any way thanks for your all time with us.

byyamada, April 27, 2012
2J Tabs
Sometimes you could end up feeling stupid when paying for a "solution". This is one of them. Yes i did read good reviews but the sun isnt always shining. I bought the 2J Tabs as i thought i could do the things with it i wanted. But the start wasnt that great as there is now real documentation around. My first ticket was answered 2 hours later, the second 12 hours later, the third 2 days later, and my last ticket that needed an error to get solved waits a reply for 3 days now. Simple tabs creation isnt a problem, however if it gets complicated the thing showed an error suddenly. Whats realy annoying is that for 2 times no answeres were given when i requested some documentation, where is it, where can i read it.....nothing... So total experience wasnt that great. Waste of money? probably not, but support is a joke.
byyamada, April 11, 2012
Okay, wrong buy. This was a disapointment from the start after i paid. When paid you have to wait to get access. But the big disapointment is, that there is no way to add fields or whatever. You can change the name of a existing field but as for functionality its a big bummer. It's lacks some flexibility in what parts you actually use, or want to use. The author simple decides what fields you wanna use for a company and its information you want to add to the company displayed. There is also no admin/demo available so you cannot see for yourself what functionality it has. Trust me, features dont say it all. Because of the disapointment i reflected that with a topic in their forum. Well, and uhh..the author says in the description?..."Improved support on our forum". Sorry but thats not true,far from that. It takes ages to get a reply. And when i finally did get a reply he even said refund would be ok. But then he didnt replied anymore. I asked again to give the refund. No reply. Its obvious that i will ask my money back. Sorry but this is one of the worst experiences i had with buying a commercial component. Joomla! is open source and sometimes you need a solution thats commercial and cost money. But experiences like this gives the world of "commercial extensions" a bad name.
Owner's reply

Hello Yamada,

I checked the system and also our forums however there are no purchases or forum entries on your name 'Yamada'.

Did you purchase jLocator from the website?

However regarding your queries:
1. Yes the system does not have option to add fields in current version, we have not mentioned anywhere in our feature list about this feature. It is a good suggestion, which we may implement in future release.
2. We have full demo of jLocator as per above link however since we do not have admin demo we have added images above.
3. Sometime it seems there is delay in support since we have support from 9:00 to 5:00 IST time Monday to Friday, please check terms and condition on our website:
4. I would request you to send me invoice details and we would definitely refund your money if there were any bugs or you are not happy with the extension.

Thanks and Regards,

byyamada, April 4, 2012
Hotspots Pro
My 3 star rating is based on the following: For a hotspot thing the component is good,some minor bugs, but there are things i dont like and thats the frequency of updates offered by the author. He doesnt release bugfix versions, or additional functionality...nothing. If he stays on this speed you get 1 update/release per year. This has been discussed on his forum and its clear that customers pay the price for the time he needs to learn things and reading books. Personally I think thats a big no no. His view is to release stable versions. But nothing is really that stable. Because of the variety of users and their situations more releases would be in his best interest. As for support, well ive seen worse but already seen topics of 6 days old not answered, and thats in the customer forum. And it does happen a lot he doesnt follow replies from customers so you end up with a non answered question. So is it a good buy ? Probably yes...the author is a nice guy but he should step up a little bit. However, be aware of 1 release per payment, and support when he's not reading and learning.
Owner's reply

Hi Yamada,

Yes, the last stable version was released in August, but this should actually speak about the stability of that release. You should also note that there have been several development releases released to all subscribers to test and discuss the progress of the component.

About the forum threads not answered - I would ask all of the JED users to visit our forum and to see for themselves if we answer support requests or not. Let me put a little bit of statistics, because stats never lie: There are total of 2527 topics of which 118 don't have a reply - and if someone want to examine closely - you can see that 99% of those 118 topics are in the "Wish list" category or code contributions from other users. + 99% of those are older than 3 years.

Kind regards,

byyamada, March 21, 2012
I gave it a low rating because of the result it gave. I was still using it on a site and didnt checked the dead urls in google that i had. The bad thing about this 404 component is that you do get indexed with 404 and thus giving the wrong server response, well to my opinion anyway. Even google groups say..."If you do as some people wrongly do, just show a "normal" page with a 404 message then Google will index it." And thats what happend. So in the light of that, this 404 component is very useless, no matter what the author might say.
Owner's reply

As author, I feel to provide some feedback anyway. You claim that Dynamic404 shows a 404-error anyway - yes, it does if it is unable to find a proper alternative in the database. It doesn't change any functionality of 404-errors here, nor does it downgrade Google ratings. What it tries to do however, is to search the Joomla! database for alternatives and if it does find an alternative, it removes the 404 and sends 301 redirect to the right page instead. It seems you have somehow not configure Dynamic404 to redirect properly yet. Unfortunate that this leads to a bad review, while a simple support request could have fixed your problem.

byyamada, February 22, 2012
At first you could be satisfied, but this mod has some weird behaviour. It could easily drop out a week later. And using multiple weather mods per different page showing the weather for different countries doesnt work either. More people had similar problems but support on this is close to zero.
Owner's reply

The issue with RokWeather pertained to the Google API and its gradual removal from Google's data servers. RokWeather now uses Yahoo and Wunderground, so please download an update to get the module working again:

byyamada, February 18, 2012
Affiliate feeds
Indeed a fine component to handle datafeeds and create you're little shop. You can pick one of the many networks supported but there are some issues im not to happy with. For instance, why every index.html file (14x) is filled with a bunch of links going to his website. The support is available but as fas as communication goes, he's definitely on some sort of different level. His way of explaining things aren't always that easy to understand. He does make a lot of mistakes with writing. What is a bit disturbing, is his way of getting financial compensation for his work. 2 years ago or so he charged almost 100 euro so you could read the documentation. When that failed he dropped that so everybody could read it. He had a dutch forum, then an english forum. Now those are obsolete and he has a new free forum again and introduced a pro subscription (Hidden forum area). That will cost you again 50 euro, and in return you get some samples to extend your shop functionality and a gratefull programmer. Well, its not worth it. Ive seen many programmers who put countless hours in their work and they did it with joy because they love to do what they do. However, Bram is i think a bit frustrated for the little $$ he gets back in return. Let me continue, the style used for this component is a disaster and ugly and many of the classes are not into the stylesheet and simply missing. The average user who sets up a site will never win any price with the design. To my opinion he should have worked with someone who would take care of the design. The component also misses a lot of some basic functionality in how to deal with crappy datafeeds. I could still recommend it, but i hope it gets better and cleaned up a bit.
byyamada, August 24, 2011
For a client i was looking for a better chat solution as their current one at the time was a big and heavy loader. The best solution was a hosted one as iits their main goal...running chat applications. To my opinion the blastchat is the best. Support was great en the chat is even better than just great. But this chat comes in a variaty of setups.. My client picked a paid average version and is happy and thats what counts.
byyamada, July 4, 2011
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Realtyna RPL
Do i know anything about real estate? No nothing but i thought it would be a great idea to have a website and giving homeowners and agents the opportunity to offer their Greek houses and other properties on a websites which is based in the Netherlands. I’m not doing whole Greece but just a Greek island. I’m self-employed, run a business and this was a private thing. All my websites and those from clients run on Joomla. At first i had a different component that should do the job but that was a very big disappointment. Was very buggy and its support was terrible. That’s what you get when you make fast decisions and don’t look around to see what’s on the market. When i did a simple search on Google i saw "realtyna", didn’t had a clue what it was as i was looking for Joomla stuff. But it was in fact a Joomla component and looked very different than the other stuff i owned and what i could find at the Joomla JED. I asked Realtyna some questions and it didn’t took long for me to decide. Let’s go for it. What i liked was the fact that Realtyna offers a payment processor so i could automate things, others don’t have that, not like Realtyna. So i bought it, set it up, and was happy that realyna offered support beyond their scope because i really needed it. So now i can sit back, relax and enjoy a full real estate site that runs by itself.
i use it with jreviews and created a lot of cool pages but with the latest version they somehow changed the apps class and now causes the site to go down.the zoo forum isnt very helpful. Its a good component ,but if your using Jreviews then dont use zoo.
byyamada, August 21, 2009
Simple MP3 Player
i gave it excellent...
i guess this is the most user friendly mp3 player ive seen...
no bizar advertising in it...just a nice free product .
byyamada, June 20, 2009
Mosets Tree
I must admit that i would prefer mosets tree above sobi but it has one big problem,and thats handling large indexes.
I tried it with almost 59000 links in one category and that wil drop your mosets admin area.
It takes upto 30 seconds to even show the admin page and the frontend is just as bad.
the links added have title,a few lines description and weblink,thats it.

On a test i did while going to my mosets admin page this is what my server showed:

Server Load 1.91 (4 cpus) (before request)
Server Load 5.16 (4 cpus) (during request)

Its also to bad it takes so long to release a native version.
However,its good for smaller sites.
Owner's reply

We have quite a number of users running large directories without the said performance issue. 30 seconds to load a page is not normal. If you can get in touch with me at, I'll see to it to get this resolved.

byyamada, December 16, 2008
Google Maps by Reumer
Yes Mike was indeed very fast with support, and i love the plugin.i wanted a googlemap and i even tried to get that with a commercial solution but this free plugin did a much better job. there is however one thing mike could solve whenever he will find a solution is a way to include a map into a module without hacking joomla's index.php file. for me it wasnt required...nice work Mike.
byyamada, November 24, 2008
Ryan proved to be very helpful.i was looking for an editor that a friend needed cause he wanted to upload files. at first it didnt show the upload but was caused by the current upgrade of flash 10. after mailing i received a nice reply explaining how to set the settings and it was solved,and that in less the 10 minutes...
byyamada, August 7, 2008
Phoca Gallery
This gallery is a must have.
I have a few websites with a gallery but with my mnew joomla 1.5.x versions not much seems to be supported or they are way behind development.
Then i found phoca gallery.
What i like about it is its simplicity to configure your albums.
The simple update feature is great and support by Jan is top.
byyamada, July 28, 2008
Phoca Documentation
Jan impresses me more and more.
Amazing what this guy creates,and all for free.
And now this docu component which is very handy.
I realy like what he makes,all components come with an easy upgrade system.
He's also quick on the support as well.
I cant wait to see what his next thing will be :)
byyamada, March 1, 2008
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I decided to pay the 30+ euro as i didnt wanted to advertise their so called sponsors.
It does pisses me off that your not notified of this and that without knowing your serving their ads.

I did however expected some support but i didnt received absolutely no reply on my mail.

I can remember long ago when i started using artio the author was available on the forums to help but sometimes complained that all was still free.
I said at that time if we would receive proper support and a good working sef i would pay 25 euro for it..
And damn....thats what he did as it seems.
One minor detail,he killed the support.
Owner's reply

Hello, for paying customers, there are other channels than forums that are ment for users to help themselves with out contribution from time to time - please see details at

And please, next time, before critisizing get some info first.

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