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byyamada, September 19, 2007
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thought i give this a try,and im impressed..
looks good and clean.
seems to support many other components by using plugins.
byyamada, November 5, 2006
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Tabs & Sliders [for articles]
I realy thought this was it, and sure on the demo site it looks awesome.
But if you have a fully packed website with over 20/30 components the chances are it won't work.

The tab is completely dead and doesnt show anything. The slider shows (the image STAR) but doesn't open and naturaly then the text doesn't show.

I did reported this to the author,he replied with the suggestion to put the mosShowHead() just before the closing head tag, just in case, but that didnt help.

So i can only say that if you have a lot installed/used on your site then forget about using it. It will conflict with other included scripts.
Owner's reply

Most of the times, the problem is actually caused by the template. Most template providers prefer nowadays to flood their creations with js scripts that display some nice effects. But these effects can often interfere with other js scripts, like the ones used in this specific plugin.

So yes, moving the mosShowHead code lower than every js include in the template, usually does the job. But not always as it seems in your case, when as you say you have 20-30 extensions (!) loaded. I guess that maximizes possibilities of js conflict! ;)

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