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byyayulka, October 26, 2013
Scroll article excerpt
I am testing the extension on my 3.1.5 site and it works fine so far. It would be nice to have an option to change font colors but it can be done with a little fiddling. And maybe an option to display a picture next to the text, but probably it wasn't a purpose of the module. :) I haven't experienced any issues so my satisfaction.
byyayulka, October 26, 2013
SP Share
Looks good and does what it says. However I decided to use another extension, because I did not find an option to turn it off on category view (without changing the core files). It might be the next step for developers when upgrading the extension... :)
byyayulka, October 25, 2013
Featured YouTube Slider
Thanks for the extension. Looks nice, works fine, easy to install and set up. The idea of the capability to publish some youtube channel that petros mentioned would be great for future. For now, I am happy with the extension. Great job, developers.
byyayulka, October 25, 2013
BT Social Sharing
Great extension. The only thing I am missing is a pin button. Ohh, and maybe the possibility to change the background and border of the plugin. Anyway, I customized the css file and everything is perfect. I recommend this plugin.
byyayulka, October 25, 2013
Great extension. Has everything I was looking for to use on my sports website. Easy to set up and working. Thanks to the developers.