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byycs, November 16, 2008
This component is off to a great start. I'm using it to easily track the age of documents as well - but needs to have the columns sortable. In the future it could have notifications of aging (which would be handy to keep a site current)
byycs, September 24, 2008
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Load this up - looks great - go through the wizard - wonderful - all is good. Go back to edit - wizard is only for creation - once you are done you are in a mine field of backend crap - how hard can it be to have the wizard back to edit a previous form?
I'm not happy because I sent an hour creating a form but was auto logged off before I saved - why didn't I save? because the wizard is not for previously save documents.
This component has huge potential but the documentation and implementation are only so-so.
Owner's reply

Chronoforms is 2 years old and the wizard is 2 months old only (since V3.0), as you can see above its #14 in the features list, its for beginners to make a quick form but not to make a professional one, We have both video and text(PDF) tutorials on the site.