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byyellowhousedesign, December 14, 2010
AcyMailing Starter
I can't say enough about this extension. Not only is the feature-set great, but the support is second-to-none. John and the rest of the team listen to everyone's feature requests and are always willing to help out the little guys ;)
byyellowhousedesign, June 7, 2010
It's one thing to have an amazing component - it's another thing to have an amazing component and back it with the fastest, friendliest, and knowledgeable support staff out there.

Amazing job, they have some great new features in the pipeline that will make RSEvents! even better!

Just as with their other extension, this rocks!
byyellowhousedesign, May 11, 2010
All of us know YooTheme has a leading theme company, but when the teasers for Zoo 1.0 were released about a year ago - we knew they had much bigger plans - and with the release of Zoo 2.0 they definitely have not disappointed. This newest release not only blows EVERY other extension out of the water - but has completed revived Joomla! as my CMS of choice.

I don't think "what limitations do I have?" anymore, but "what challenges will I overcome next?"

Amazing release - Jan, Sascha, Mustaq, Malte, Bob and everyone else that helped make this release possible, thank you!

Go get it now!
byyellowhousedesign, April 13, 2010
This plugin has saved my butt more times than I can remember. I think one of the reason's Peter's extensions are so popular is he looks at Joomla! as a whole - great platform - and says, "how can I make it better?"

Without a doubt Peter's extensions make the process of building a website so much easier!
byyellowhousedesign, December 17, 2009
Advanced Module Manager
I think everyone else out there has this same question, "Why are you not on the core Joomla! team?" You are able to do what we as members of the Joomla! community only dream about - and you make it so simple! Thanks again for all of your contributions.
Owner's reply

Thanks! Means a lot!
Why not on the core team?... money and time!
Also, making my own stuff gives me the freedom to do it how I want... and I enjoy that.

byyellowhousedesign, October 29, 2009
RSform Pro
Alexandru and the rest of the RSJoomla team really do create some amazing products. At the time of this review, they just came out with a brand-new version that has some really great features.

If you haven't checked out RSFormPro!, do it now! They have a demo area on their site so you can test all of their extensions, but again, you won't be disappointed!
byyellowhousedesign, August 13, 2009
Modules Anywhere
I've been following the Google Groups discussion on making this part of the core for 1.6, so hopefully that will all be worked out.

I can't say enough about how much easier this has made managing all of my sites. Peter's extensions are awesome!
byyellowhousedesign, July 13, 2009
Zap Calendar
We also purchased the PRO version and could not be happier. Very extensible and their support is very fast and friendly.

Two features that I need to mention are the ability to link your events to articles (instead of just an event view --- BIG IMPROVEMENT from other calendar managers) and the ability to download or subscribe to the calendar. This gives your users better usability for your site.

An all around great product. I can't wait for more updates!
byyellowhousedesign, February 23, 2009
WordPress Blog for Joomla!
Having been looking for a blogging component for Joomla! has been a headache for me, but after Rafael and the team at corePHP came out with this WordPress for Joomla! solution, I can honestly say that this will be a standard install on every site I do from now on. Also, with the addition of the highly anticipated WordPress MU (multiple blogs on one site), this will truly make corePHP stand out from other developers by far. corePHP has almost daily updates and is very quick to respond to any support question.

Obviously there has been much talk about Joomla 1.6 having a blogging component built in, but this component provides the best to-date solution available anywhere for Joomla!.