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byyerg, July 6, 2009
Like working with Joomla you need to sit down and plan what is to be achieved with JFusion.

It does what is says ... period
It makes life so simple without all the old hacking options
Support in the forum is top notch

Cons - (I have to find one)
As with all O/S projects like these keeping the documentation up to date with all the possible combinations is difficult and so there may be some things that are not there in the finest of detail for many of you. You will need to walk through the install and setup carefully.
byyerg, May 7, 2008
Shape 5 Quick Contact
This module is great, quick and easy to implement and works a treat. One problem is that the "three forms of spam protection" don't appear to work. Since installing it I've been inundated. This has rendered the form nigh on useless. Putting a captcha with it would resolve the issue I think
byyerg, April 20, 2008
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Updated to J1.5.x and having all sorts of issues with the other download components due to their not being compliant.

This solution is way easier for non technical people who are looking for downloads related to articles.

Files are tied to articles
Article expires so do the files

I wish I found it earlier
byyerg, February 17, 2007
Simple Image Gallery
Just so simple, trouble free and the output is great.

No problems installing or usage by "non technical" authors which is what I want.

Suggestion: Keep it simple, don't get sucked into trying to be an all singing dancing solution. It's not a full gallery its a "Simple Image Gallery"
byyerg, September 22, 2006
EZ Autos
We've used standalone commercial classified ads software, other free and paid Mambo/Joomla components and nothing stacks up as well as EZ Autos.

• The javascript image mouseovers
• The information presentation for the public view
• The free/paid options
• The simple Paypal integration for paid ads
• The need to get the structure right before you publish the component

• The need to get the structure right before you make it go live (uh? read the comments below)
• The need for users (general public in our case) to get their head around image sizing

This component is the same as Joomla, in that you need to get all the information and the structure you want sorted out "BEFORE" you begin using the system.

Exemplary, magnificant words fail me. Having received abisimal service from some commercial component suppliers and commercial software providers in the past the service Kathy provides is to die for.

As we are running this as a commercial classified application we needed some customisation ... nothing was too much of a problem.

I've given it a 5 star rating