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byyideaz, February 15, 2012
R3D Floater
I tried another module before finding this one. Works fine with Warp, which the other did not.
byyideaz, February 14, 2012
EasyCalcCheck PLUS
Downloads and installs in seconds. Just what I was looking for.
Owner's reply

Have success!

byyideaz, February 14, 2012
Confident CAPTCHA
Information required to sign up is too intrusive, looking for a simple plugin or module, don't have time to deal with api baloney.
byyideaz, July 18, 2010
Easy to install and use, but despite the use of Captcha, one of my sites was getting heavily spammed. I'm afraid it's one of those programs that hackers have found a vulnerability in and they are getting busy creating a lot of work for me.
byyideaz, January 31, 2009
This may work well in French, however the translation is imperfect, and very little in the way of a support forum. They claim the default is now in English, but it's not complete and needs a lot of code editing to correct. Will keep checking for updates though as it could be a great component.