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Iam from Germany -> Service = Wasteland !!

I take some Products from Ari Soft and have some problems with it.
There Help is wonderful and the Software is excellent.
Before I have never seen that Support is so quickly and so good. After a few Minutes my Problems are blowing in the Wind.
ARI SOFT...ever and ever again!!!!!!!!!!
Greetings from Hamburg - Germany
byyoda, February 25, 2011
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5 Stars for the Software, 10 Stars for the Support!!

Iam from Germany (Support=Wasteland)
I take some free plugins and buy Ari Soft Content Pack.
Then I install it and have little problems.
These Folks from the Ari Support are quickly as a Tornado and friendly and helpful as Mother Theresa!!
AriSoft = first Place to look after Modules and Plugins for Joomla.
Greetings from Hamburg