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byyonkie, July 29, 2012
SocialAds for Joomla
really a good component, with only tho defect:
1 it's not integrated with other components different from cb and JomSocial.
2 inability to sell pre-packed packages.

for the first problem i can suggest to give to the users (or to the admin) the possibility to make the banner depends from the URL (in this way should be possible have different banner for different parts of the site - ex: different category of ads manager)

apart of these things the component works good, i've bought it and im fairly satisfied.

if these two features should be implemented, SocialAds should be the best ads manager ever made!
Owner's reply

Hi Yonkie !

1. We integrate with quite a few other extensions & SocialAds can also be used without any Social extension. I suggest you look at the latest version & feature list

2. Ads on specific URLs. You can easily achieve this using Zones & Modules. Plus using advanced module manager

3. Packages- You can expect that in upcoming versions. But generally we feel the current approach is more flexible..

byyonkie, April 10, 2012
FW Gallery
really a good extension..but i've some questions..
1)why not community builder integration?
2)does it work with ajax?
about the "Mechanism for integration with external services such as Facebook & Picasa", that's a good idea, are you going to integrate also with twitter(twitpix)? and is possible to import just one image ore some selected images?
Owner's reply

Hi Yonkie,

Thank you for posting the review!
Regarding your questions we haven't planned to develop Community Builder integration but we are always glad to customize the component & add any features for individual needs of our customers, by the way we made the integration with JomSocial. Yes, FW Gallery works with ajax, its voting system is built on ajax.
We already have FW Gallery Facebook Plugin and Picasa Plugin will be released soon. There is an option to select and import/export one gallery, not images. As per Twitter/Twitpix integration this is a great idea and we will consider it for further development.
Many thanks for your kind review once again.

byyonkie, December 13, 2011
hi, i saw the flex banner component in the joomla extension directory.
i think that is one of the bests solution for banner management. but I would just suggest some change. In fact would be interesting if the banners would change according to the url or even pages joolma, and if so can allow users to buy advertising space sector (for example, allowing you to place your banner in a specific section of the component Ads manager - example: car-ads in a given language). in this way alerts are relevant to 100% with what you see .. What do you think about it?
sorry for my bad english.
francesco leonardi
Owner's reply

I like your suggestions but it is unlikely that I will add them for a long time. I'm currently rebuilding FlexBanner to latest standards and nothing will happen until that work is complete (75% done so far).