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byyorai85, December 18, 2013
k2 is by far the best component i ever used. for me it's a must-have for every single site, and function as the basis for all my article creation.

if you have some basic php skills you can use the k2 templating features which gives you endless possibilities for templating and designing your site's articles.

the only thing i don't like about k2 is it's front-end publishing / editing interface, which requires lots of work if you want it to look and feel good for a common user, not to mention RTL. but that's only applies for editing, the content templating itself is actually great on that matter.

Owner's reply

The good news is that K2 v3.x will make frontend editing a lot better overall and definitely easier for users.

byyorai85, September 23, 2012
Simple Youtube Channel
i was looking for a module to automaticlly show the latest video on a YT channel and found this one. it was excactlly waht i was looking for, easy to configure and does the job. it even work perffectly on my android device (did not check for iphone compatability).

i had a small problem with the design and i wrote Omer - the developer. he responded in 2 hours and sloved my problem immidietly.

i'm giving it 4 stars instead of 5 only because i doesn't have the option to align the thimbnails bellow the main video, but i guess this is somthing that will be added in future releases.

byyorai85, January 27, 2012
After discovering JFBConnect i'm now using it as a default on all my sites, very easy to install and cofigure.

i recommend it.